Hebrews Chapter 8

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Di High Priest Of New Agreement

1. Di koko of wetin we dey tok nahin be dis: We get High Priest, wey don sidon for di right hand of di king-chair of Baba-God for heaven.

2. Christ dey serve for inside di Most Holy Place, di true worship-place wey Baba-God build, and wey no be man-made.

3. And since dem dey choose everi high priest to give both gifts plus sacrifices, Christ sef suppose get sometin to give.

4. If to sey he dey for earth, he for no be priest, since priests don already dey wey dey give di gifts based-on di law.

5. Dem dey serve for di holy-place—wey be like copy and shadow of wetin dey for heaven. Nahin make Baba-God tell Moses wen he wan bin build di worship-place: “Make sure sey you do everitin based-on di pattern wey I show you for di mountain.”

6. But di office wey Jesus receive—get levels pass dia own, as nahin be di peace-maker of di agreement wey dey based-on beta promises, and wey beta pass di old one.

7. If to sey notin dey wrong wit dat first agreement, dem for no need anoda one.

8. But wen Baba-God see error for di pipo, he con tok sey: “Time dey come, wen I go make new agreement wit di house of Israel and wit di house of Judah.

9. E no go be like di agreement wey I make wit dia ancestors, for di days wen I hold dia hand, con carry dem komot from Egypt, becos dem no dey faithful to my agreement, I con bone dem, naso Baba-God tok.

10. But na dis be di new agreement wey I go make wit di house of Israel afta those day, naso Baba-God tok. I go put my laws for inside dia mind, con write am for inside dia heart. I go be dia God and dem go be my pipo.

11. Dem no go need to teach dia neighbour, or make man dey teach hin broda sey, ‘Know Christ,’ becos all of dem go know me, from di pesin wey small pass, to di greatest pesin.

12. I go forgive dia evil ways, and I no go ever remember dia wickedness and sins again.”

13. As he call dis agreement “New agreement,” e mean sey Baba-God don make di first one—old; and wetin don old, and wey no dey work again, go soon fade komot.


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