Hebrews Chapter 9

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Worship For Di Man-made Worship-place

1. Now di first agreement between Baba-God and hin pipo—get rules for worship, and e get holy-place for earth sef.

2. Naso dem take arrange di worship-place. For inside di first room: lampstand, table, plus di holy bread. Dem call dis room—di Holy Place.

3. And for back of di curtain nahin di second room dey—wey dem dey call, di Most Holy Place.

4. For inside dat room, e get di golden incense-container, and di Ark of di agreement—wey dem cover wit gold for everi side. Wetin dey inside dis Ark na; gold container of Di Blood Of Christ manna, Aaron walking-stick wey don already dey grow, wit di stone wey dem write di Ten commandments put.

5. Di Cherubim of di glory nahin dey on top of di Ark, and dia feathers stretch on top of di mercy chair. But we no fit explain all dis tins fully now.

6. Wen everitin don set like dis, di priest dey always enta inside di first room to do hin service.

7. But only di high priest nahin dey enta di second room, and na only once in a year. He go always give blood—for hin own sins, and for di sins wey di pipo don commit as dem no know wetin dem dey do.

8. Di Holy Spirit dey use dis one show us sey—as long as di first worship-place still dey stand, pipo neva still know di way—to di Most Holy Place.

9. Dis na sample for dis time—wey dey show sey di gift and sacrifice wey dem dey give no fit make di conscience of di pipo wey dey give am—dey perfect.

10. Dem only be mata of food and drink, and different fisikal washing—human rules wey dem put sey dem must follow—until di time of di new life.

11. But Christ show as di High Priest of di good tins wey dey show. He don enta di worship-place wey great pass and wey perfect pass—wey no be man- made, and wey no be from dis world.

12. He no enta wit di blood of goat and malu-pikin; but he enta di Most Holy Place once and for all, wit hin own blood, and he free us from awa sins forever.

13. If di blood of goats and malu, plus di ashes of malu-pikin, wey dem sprinkle on those pipo wey don corrupt dia body—make di pipo dey holy and clean,

14. how much more di blood of Christ, wey tru di everlasting Spirit, give hinsef as pure sacrifice to Baba-God—go clean awa mind from dead works—so dat we go fit serve di living God!

15. Nahin make Christ be di peace-maker of di new agreement, so dat those pipo wey Baba-God call—go fit receive hin everlasting promise. Christ die as sacrifice, to free dem from di sins wey dem commit under di first agreement.

16. Wen pesin write hin will, dem suppose confam di death of di pesin wey write di will,

17. becos will only dey work wen di pesin wey write di will don kpeme; no be wen di pesin still dey alive.

18. Nahin make even di first agreement no dey work wit-out blood of animal.

19. Afta Moses don read everi commandment to all di pipo based-on di law, he carry di blood of malu-pikin plus goat blood, wit water, con sprinkle am on di books, and all di pipo—wit branches of hyssop and red wool.

20. He go con tok sey, “Dis blood confam di agreement, wey Baba-God make wit una.”

21. And naso, he still sprinkle di blood for di worship-place, and everitin wey dem dey use for di worship.

22. Based-on di law, dem dey use blood clean almost everitin, and wit-out di sheding of blood, forgiveness no go dey.

23. E dey very important den, for di samples of di heavenly tins to dey clean wit dis sacrifices, but di tins for heaven need sacrifice wey beta pass di blood of animal.

24. Christ no enta di holy- place wey be man-made, and wey be like sample of di real one. He enta heaven esef, to show-face for us now, for Baba-God front.

25. And he no enta heaven to give hinsef everi time, di way di high priest take dey enta di Most Holy Place everi year wit blood wey no be hin own.

26. So Christ for suffer plenty times since Baba-God make dis world. But now he don show-face once and for all for di end of di world, to komot sin—as he sacrifice hinsef.

27. Just as man suppose die once and afta dat he go face judgement,

28. naso Christ sacrifice hinsef once—to carry di sins of plenty pipo komot; and he go still show-face di second time, no be to deal wit sin, but to save those pipo wey dey wait for am.


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