Philippians Chapter 1

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1. Dis letter na from Paul plus Timothy wey be servants of Christ Jesus. I dey write to all God-pipo for Philippi, wey belong to Christ Jesus, plus di church leaders and deacons.

2. Make Baba-God awa Fada, and Oga Jesus Christ—give una grace plus peace.

Tanks-giving Plus Prayer

3. I dey tank Baba-God everi time wey I remember una.

4. Any time I pray, I dey always pray wit happiness for all of una,

5. becos una join di work of di good news—from di first day reach now.

6. And I dey sure of dis very tin; sey Baba-God wey start beta work inside you— go complete am, until di day of Jesus Christ.

7. So e dey right for me to feel dis way about all of una, since I dey tink about una for my heart. Whether I dey in chains, or I dey defend myself, and confam di truth about di good news, all of una dey share inside Baba-God grace wit me.

8. Baba-God know how 1 much I miss all of una wit di love of Christ Jesus.

9. And I dey pray sey, make una love burku more-more, and to know more-more, and to see wit your inner eye,

10. so dat una go fit confam good tins, and so dat una go fit get pure heart and dey perfect—until di day of Christ.

11. Make una always brekete wit di fruit of goodness—tru Jesus Christ, to di levels, and praise of Baba-God. Paul Chains Dey

Epp To Spread Baba-God Word

12. Brodas, now I wan make una know sey wetin don happun to me—don epp to spread di good news.

13. Di full palace guard, plus all di rest—know sey dem chains me becos of Christ.

14. And becos of my chains, most of di brodas in Christ don get moral to dey preach di word wit full-mind, and wit-out fear.

15. Na true sey some pipo dey preach Christ—becos dem dey jealous us, and becos dem no like us, but odas dey preach from dia free mind.

16. Those oda pipo dey preach Christ becos of selfish plan, dem no dey preach wit pure mind, dem wan make I dey feel pains more-more, as I dey for chains.

17. But dis second pipo dey preach becos dem love me, dem know sey I dey for here, becos I dey defend di good news of Christ.

18. But e no mata. Only sey for everi way, whether na wit fake mind, or na wit truth—dem preach Christ, and nahin dey make me happy, yes, and I go happy.

19. Tru una prayers, and epp wey di Spirit of Jesus Christ give, I know sey wetin don happun to me nahin go still save me.

20. Based-on as I dey fully expect and hope sey notin go make shame catch me, but everly wit full mind and now sef, Christ go get level for my body—whether I dey alive, or I kpeme.

21. For me—to live na to live inside Christ, and to die na gain.

22. But if I dey alive, e mean sey I fit do beta works for Christ. But I no really know which one to choose.

23. I no know which one to choose: I like to komot go meet Christ—dis one beta well-well for me;

24.but becos of una, e dey beta for me sey I dey alive.

25. I dey convinced sey I go still dey alive wit all of una, to epp una grow and experience di happiness inside di faith.

26. And wen I come meet una again, una happiness for me go brekete inside Christ Jesus.

27. Live your life based-on di levels of di good news of Christ, so dat whether I come see una or not, I go hear una gist sey una stand gidigbam—wit one spirit, wit one mind, to hustle togeda for di faith of di good news.

28. No fear your enemy in any way, dis one confam am to dem sey dem go kpeme, but Baba-God go save you.

29. No be only di chance to believe in Christ nahin Baba-God give una, but di opportunity to suffer becos of am,

30. to pass tru di same suffer-head wey una see inside me, and wey una hear now, sey e dey inside me.


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