Philippians Chapter 2

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Make Una Copy Christ Humbleness

1. If you get any moral as you belong to Christ, if you get any comfort of love, if any fellowship wit di Spirit, if any sweet-love plus mercy,

2. so make una get di same mind, to make my happiness complete. Make una maintain di same love, work togeda wit one spirit, and one mind.

3. No do anytin wit selfish mind, or by trying to feel-big, but dey humble and reason pipo sey dem beta pass you.

4. No dey reason only your own mata, but reason oda pipo mata sef.

5. Make dis mind dey inside una—di same wey bin dey inside Christ Jesus sef:

6. Christ wey be like Baba-God no reason am as anytin to be like Baba-God,

7. but he turn hinsef to notin, he decide to be like servant, and dem born am like ordinary man.

8. And as he see hinsef as man, he humble hinsef, con obey Baba-God—sote he die for cross!

9. So Baba-God give am high levels, con give am name wey get levels pass any oda name.

10. So dat wen dem call di name of Jesus, everi knee go bow, tins for heaven and for earth, and for under di earth,

11. and everi tongue must tok sey Jesus Christ na Oga, to di levels of Baba-God di Fada. Hustle

Your Own Salvation

12. So my correct padi, as una dey always obey, no be only for my front, but even wen I no dey around—kontinu to dey hustle for una salvation wit fear and shaking,

13. Baba-God nahin dey work inside you, both to make you wish, and to make you do di tins wey dey make belle sweet am.

14. Do everitin wit-out complaining or argument,

15. so dat you go dey perfect and innocent—Baba-God pikin wey no get error—inside dis evil and corrupt generation—wey you dey shine among dem like stars for dis world.

16. Hold di word of life tight—so dat I go fit happy on di day of Christ, sey I no run in vain, or hustle for notin.

17. Yes, and even if dem pour me on top of di sacrifice and service of una faith, I go happy and celebrate wit all of una.

18. For dis same reason, make una sef dey happy, and follow me jolly.

Timothy And Epaphroditus

19. I dey trust in Oga Jesus—to send Timothy come meet una soon, so dat I go ginger—wen I hear gist about una.

20. I no get any oda pesin wey be like Timothy—wey go really care about una.

21. Everi-pesin dey reason hin own mata, no be Jesus Christ mata.

22. But una know how Timothy don confam hinsef, becos like papa and pikin—he don follow me work by preaching di good news.

23. I hope to send am come kiakia, as soon as I see how tins dey go wit me for here.

24. And I trust Christ sey I no go tey come meet una.

25. But I reason am sey I need to send my broda—Epaphroditus, na my fellow hustler and my fellow soja, but na una messenger and nahin take care of di tins wey I need,

26. I dey send am come, becos he wan really see all of una, and hin body dey bite am to come, becos una bin hear sey he no-well.

27. True-true, he bin no- well, and he even almost kpeme, but Baba-God sorry-for am, no be only am, but Baba-God sorry-for me sef—sey he no let me cry well- well.

28. So my body dey scratch me more-more to send am come meet una, so dat wen una see am again, una go happy, and my mind go fit cool down.

29. Welcome am wit di love of Christ, and wit full happiness, and make una respect pipo like am.

30. He almost die for di work of Christ, he risk hin life to give di epp wey una no fit give me.


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