Philippians Chapter 4

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1. So my correct brodas and sistas, wey I love, and wey I really wan see, my joy and crown, my love— make una stand gidigbam inside Christ.

Words To Give Una Moral

2. Now, I beg Euodias and Syntyche to get one mind inside Christ.

3. Yes, and I dey beg you, my faithful padi, epp dis two women wey hustle wit me to preach di good news, along wit Clement, and di rest of my fellow workers, wey dia names dey for di Book of Life.

4. Jolly inside Christ everi time. I go tok am again: Jolly!

5. Make everi-pesin see your jeje life. Remember sey Christ dey near.

6. No let anytin worry your mind, instead pray about everitin, ask Baba-God, and wit tanks-giving—tell Baba-God wetin you want.

7. And di peace of Baba-God wey no-pesin fit understand—go guard your heart and your mind, tru Christ Jesus.

8. Las-las, brodas and sistas, anytin wey be true, anytin wey good, anytin wey dey right, anytin wey dey pure, anytin wey fine, anytin wey pipo go tok beta tin about—if e make sense or if e fit make pipo cut-cap for you; put-mind on dis tins.

9. Practice all di tins wey una don learn, or receive, or hear, or see me do. And Baba-God of peace go dey wit una.

Paul Tank Dem For Dia Gifts

10. I dey happy inside Christ sey las-las, una don dey care about me again. True-true, I know sey una care about me, but una no see chance to show am.

11. I no dey tok dis tin becos I need sometin from una, I sabi how to dey okay for everi condition wey I dey.

12. I sabi manage, and I sabi live like bigman. For everi-where and for everitin, I don sabi belleful and I don sabi hungry, whether I get yanfu-yanfu or I no get shi-shi.

13. I fit do everitin tru Christ wey dey give me pawa.

14. But una do well as una share inside my wahala.

15. As una Philippians know sey, wen I first come preach to una, wen I travel komot from Macedonia, no oda church except una—share wit me for di mata of giving and receiving.

16. Even wen I bin dey for Thessalonica, una send epp wey I need, pass once.

17. No be sey I dey fyne gift from una, but I wan make di blessings of una kindness burku.

18. Now, I get everitin wey I need and even more; I get enuff from di gifts wey una send wit Epaphroditus. Na sacrifice wey get sweet scent, wey Baba-God go accept and wey go make body sweet am.

19. And my God go give una everitin wey una need—based-on hin riches of hin levels inside Christ Jesus.

20. Now make all glory be to awa God and Fada—forever and ever. Amen.

Las-las Greetings

21. Greet all God-pipo wey dey inside Christ Jesus. Di brodas wey dey wit me—dey send dia greetings.

22. All God-pipo dey send dia greetings, especially those pipo wey belong to Caesar family.

23. Make di grace of Oga Jesus Christ dey wit all of una. Amen.


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