Titus Chapter 1

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1. Paul, wey be Baba-God servant, and disciple of Jesus Christ for di faith of di pipo wey Baba-God don choose, and make dem sabi di truth wey dey lead to goodness,

2. inside di hope of di everlasting life, wey Baba-God wey no dey lie—promise before di world start,

3. but for di correct time, he show hin word—tru di preaching wey he put for my hand, based-on di command of Baba-God awa Saviour.

4. To Titus, wey be my own pikin for inside awa faith wey we dey share: Grace, mercy, plus peace—from Baba-God di Fada, and from Christ Jesus awa Saviour.

Titus Work For Crete

5. Di reason wey I leave una for Crete, na becos I wan make una arrange wetin remain, and make una choose senior-men for everi town as I bin tell una

6. if na pesin wey no get error, man wey get only one wife, man wey hin pikin dey faithful, and wey pipo no fit tok sey dem be jaguda or sey dey do anyhow.

7. Since Baba-God don put hin work for church leaders (bishop) hand, he must dey perfect—he must be man wey no dey reason only hin own way, he must be pesin wey no dey quick vex, pesin wey no dey jogodo, wey no like fight, wey no get longatrot for moni.

8. Instead, he must sabi take care of pipo, pesin wey like beta tin, he must be pesin wey dey serious and wey dey reason, pesin wey good, wey holy, and wey fit control hinsef.

9. He must hold tight to di faithful word as dem take teach am, so dat he go fit use beta teaching, both to preach and convince those pipo wey dey against am.

10. Plenty pipo dey wey no dey hear word, dem be tok-tok and wayo pipo, especially those pipo wey believe in circumcision.

11. Dem must silence dem, becos dem dey spoil full house—by teaching tins wey dem no suppose teach—becos of wetin dem wan gain.

12. Even one of dia own prophets tok sey, “Cretans dey always lie, dem be wicked animals, and lazy chop-chop pipo.”

13. Na true I dey tok, so make una correct dem seriously, so dat dem go get-sense for inside di faith,

14. and make dem no go gree listen to di Jew tori, or di teaching of those pipo wey dey fashi di truth.

15. For pure pipo—everitin dey pure, but notin dey pure to those pipo wey dey corrupt, and for pipo wey no gree believe, but even both dia mind and dia heart don rotten.

16. Dem claim to know Baba-God, but dem dey fashi am wit di kain tins wey dem dey do. Dem be tufiakwa, dem no dey hear word, and dem no fit do any beta tin


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