Titus Chapter 2

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Teach Beta Teaching

1. You must teach message wey dey based-on correct teaching.

2. Teach di senior-men make dem dey reason demsef, make dem respect demsef, make dem dey control demsef, make dem get strong faith, and make dem burku wit love and patience.

3. Make una teach di older women sef, make dem dey live life of respect, make dem no dey do aproko, or dey jogodo [to dey always drink ogogoro], but make dem teach oda good tins—

4. so dat dem go fit teach di younger women to sabi love dia husband and pikin,

5. make dem sabi control demsef, and make dem keep demsef pure, to dey work for house, to dey kind, and make dem obey dia own husband—so dat no- pesin go bad-mouth Baba-God word.

6. Make you ginger di young men sef, make dem dey serious, and dey reason demsef.

7. For everitin, give dem example by doing good tins. Show beta character for your teaching, respect, and clean-heart.

8. Teach di truth so dat no- pesin go fit bad-mouth your message, and so dat shame go catch those pipo wey dey change-am-for you, becos dem no get bad tin to tok about us.

9. Teach workers make dem obey dia oga for everitin, make dem try to make dia oga happy, make dem no follow dia oga argue,

10. and make dem no steal from dia oga, but make dem dey faithful, so dat di workers fit use everi way take make pipo like di teachings about Baba-God awa Saviour.

11. Baba-God grace wey dey save pipo—don show-face to all men.

12. E dey teach us how to tok sey, “No” to evil, and to di body wey dey scratch us to do evil, but to live wit seriousness and reasoning, and wit good plus holy life—for dis generation,

13. as we dey wait for di blessed hope, and wen di glory of awa great Baba-God, and Saviour, Jesus Christ go show-face.

14. Nahin sacrifice hinsef for us, to save us from everi wickedness, to clean us, and to make us hin own special pipo wey holy wey over-serious to do beta tins.

15. Tell dem dis tins, ginger pipo, and correct pipo wit full authority. No let any-pesin treat you wit-out respect.


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