Titus Chapter 3

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Do Beta Tin

1. No forget to tell di pipo make dem obey di rulers and govment, make dem obey, and make dem dey ready to do anytin good tin,

2. make dem no bad- mouth any-pesin, but make dem show peace, understanding, and do jeje wit everi-pesin.

3. E get one time wey we sef be mugu, we no dey hear word, and dem play us wayo, we con be slave wey dey follow di bad tins wey awa body dey scratch us to do, and flexing. We live wit badbelle and jealousy, dem hate us and we hate one anoda.

4. But wen di kindness and love of Baba-God awa Saviour show for men,

5. he save us, no be becos of di good tins wey we don do, but becos he sorry-for us. He save us tru washing us back to life again, and di new life wey di Holy Spirit dey give,

6. wey he pour-throway for us—tru Jesus Christ—awa Saviour,

7. so dat as hin grace don make us good, we fit claim di hope of everlasting life as awa own.

8. Dis na yarnings wey you fit trust. And I wan make you tok dis message everi time, so dat those pipo wey trust Baba-God go serious to do di right tins. Dis message good, and everi-pesin go gain from am.

9. But fashi yeye tok wey dey bring argument, and tori about who-born-who, or argument plus quarrel about di law—becos dem no make-sense, and pesin no go fit gain anytin from dem.

10. Warn pesin wey dey preach fake message once, warn am again di second time, afta dat, bone am.

11. You fit dey sure sey dat kain pesin don waka komot from di truth, and dia own sin nahin dey condemn dem.

Las-las Yarnings

12. As soon as I send Artemas or Tychicus come meet you, try come meet me for Nicopolis, becos I don decide to spend di cold season for there.

13. Sharp-sharp epp Zenas di lawyer, plus Apollos—for dia journey, and make sure sey dem get anytin wey dem need.

14. Awa pipo must sabi maintain beta tins, so dat dem go fit epp odas wey need epp urgently, and make dem no live useless life.

15. Everi-pesin wey dey wit me—dey send dia greetings. Greet those pipo wey love us inside di faith. Make grace dey wit all of una. Iseee.


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