1st John

1st John Chapter 4

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Test Di Spirits

1. My love, no believe everi spirit, but test di spirits to see whether na from Baba-God, becos plenty fake prophets don enta di world.

2. Naso you go take know Baba-God Spirit: Everi spirit wey tok sey Jesus Christ don come as human being—na from Baba-God,

3. And everi spirit wey no gree tok sey Jesus Christ don come as human being—no be from Baba-God, and na dis be di spirit of Antichrist, wey una bin hear sey dey come, and wey don already dey di world now.

4. My pikin, una belong to Baba-God, and una don win dem, becos Wetin dey inside you—great pass wetin dey for inside di world.

5. Dem be from dis world—so dem dey tok wit dia mind wey dey reason di world, and di world dey hear dem.

6. We belong to Baba-God, and any-pesin wey know Baba-God—dey listen to us. But any- pesin wey no belong to Baba-God—no dey listen to us. Naso we take dey know di Spirit of truth, and di fake spirit.

Baba-God Love, And Awa Love

7. My love, make we love one anoda, becos love na from Baba-God, and everi- pesin wey dey show love na Baba-God pikin, and e sabi Baba-God.

8. Any-pesin wey no gree show love—no know Baba-God, becos Baba-God na love.

9. Naso Baba-God take show as he love us reach; he send hin only Son enta di world—so dat we go live tru am.

10. Na love be dis: no be sey we love Baba-God; but he love us—con send hin son as sacrifice for awa sins to komot.

11. My love, if Baba-God love us well-well, we sef suppose love each oda.

12. No-pesin don ever see Baba-God any time; but if we love each oda, Baba-God dey live inside us, and hin love don perfect inside us.

13. Naso we go take know sey we dey live inside am, and he dey live inside us— becos he don give us hin Spirit.

14. And we don see wit awa own eyes, so we dey tok sey di Fada nahin send di Son to be di Saviour of di world.

15. If any-pesin tok sey Jesus na Baba-God Son, Baba-God dey live inside am, and e dey live inside Baba-God.

16. So we don know, con believe di love wey Baba-God get for us. Baba-God na love, and any-pesin wey live inside love—dey live inside Baba-God, and Baba-God dey live inside am.

17. By dis, love go perfect wit us. So dat we go get full-mind on di day of judgement, becos as he be, naso we sef be for dis world.

18. Fear no dey inside love. But correct love dey pursue fear komot, becos fear relate to punishment. Pesin wey dey fear—no get perfect love inside am.

19. We love Am, becos he don first love us.

21. If any-pesin tok sey, “I love Baba-God,” but con hate hin broda or sista, dat kain pesin na lair. Any-pesin wey no love hin broda wey e dey see—how e fit love Baba-God wey he neva see?

22. And he don give us dis command: Any-pesin wey love Baba-God must love hin broda sef


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