1st Peter

1st Peter Chapter 1

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1. Dis letter na from Peter, wey be disciple of Jesus Christ. To di pipo wey Baba-God don choose, wey dey live as foreigners around, Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia and Bithynia.

2. Baba-God di Fada know una, con choose una tey-tey and make una holy tru di work of hin Spirit—to obey Jesus Christ, and to dey sprinkled wit hin blood. Make Baba-God give una grace and peace yanfu-yanfu.

Di Hope of Everlasting Life

3. Praise to Baba-God, di Papa of awa Oga Jesus Christ! Based-on how Baba-God take sorry-for us well-well—he don make us born again, to live wit hope—as he raise Jesus Christ from di dead.

4. And we get beta-beta- tins wey Baba-God keep for heaven for us, wey no go ever spoil, or kpafuka, or fade.

5. Baba-God pawa dey protect you tru your faith inside di salvation wey dey ready to show for di last day.

6. So make you happy well-well, even though you must endure different temptations for short-time.

7. Dis temptations go show sey una faith na real faith wey get value pass ordinary gold wey fit spoil, even though dem test am tru faya—so dat e go bring you praise, levels, plus respect, wen Jesus Christ go show-face.

8. Even though you neva see am, you love am; and even though you no dey see am now, you believe am, and your happiness brekete and you full wit glory.

9. Di blessings for trusting Christ—na di salvation of your soul.

10. Di prophets try to know, and dem cool down study dis salvation—dem prophesy about di grace wey go come meet una.

11. Dem wonder which time , or situation—di Spirit of Christ wey dey inside dem dey yarn about wen he tell dem tey-tey, about di suffer wey Christ go suffer, and di levels wey Christ go get las-las.

12. Dem know sey dia message no be for demsef, but dia message na for us—wey don receive di tins wey dem tell us tru di pipo wey preach dis good news to una wit di pawa of di Holy Spirit wey Baba-God send from up. Body dey even sweet angels to see all dis tins happun.

Dey Holy

13. Prepare your mind for action; dey serious, and put your full hope on di grace wey you go receive—wen Jesus Christ go show-face;

14. as pikin wey dey hear Baba-God word, wey no dey follow di evil tins wey your body bin dey scratch you to do—wey you bin do wen you no know Christ.

15. Dey holy for everitin wey you dey do, just as Christ wey call you dey holy;

16. becos dem write am for di Holy-books sey: “Dey holy, as I dey holy.”

17. Since you dey pray to di Papa wey dey judge everi-pesin work wit-out partiality, live your life wit fear, tru-out your stay for here,

18. as una know sey Baba-God no save una wit tins wey fit spoil—like silver plus gold, from di empty way of life wey una receive as traditions from una papa,

19. but na wit di precious blood of Christ, Lamb wey no get stain or error.

20. Baba-God choose Christ as payment for awa sins even before he make di world, but Christ show-face for di last day becos of una.

21. Tru Christ nahin you take believe in Baba-God—wey raise Christ from di dead, con give am levels, so dat your hope and faith go dey wit Baba-God.

22. Now wey you don make yoursef pure by obeying di truth tru di Spirit, una must get true love for each oda like brodas, love one anoda wit deep love from your heart,

23. as you don born again, no be wit seed wey fit spoil, but na wit seed wey no fit spoil—tru di word of Baba-God wey dey live, and wey dey forever,

24. becos, “All men be like grass, and all dia beauty be like flowers of for field; di grass dey dry, and di flower go fade go,

25. but Baba-God word dey last forever.” Now dis na di good news wey dem preach to una.


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