1st Peter

1st Peter Chapter 2

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1. So make you komot everi badbelle from your mind, and all wayo, fake-life, jealousy, plus everi bad-mouth.

2. Like small pikin wey dem just born, drink pure milk of di word, so dat e go fit make you grow up inside your salvation,

3. if true-true—you don taste Baba-God kindness.

Di Living Stone Plus Di Pipo Wey Dem Choose

4. You dey come meet Christ wey be di living stone—wey men fashi, but wey Baba-God choose, and wey fine well-well to am.

5. He dey build una like living stone sef, to be spiritual house, as holy priest—wey dey give spiritual sacrifice wey Baba-God go accept tru Jesus Christ.

6. Di Holy-books tok sey, “See, I dey lay foundation stone for Zion, precious foundation wey I choose, and wey precious, and shame no go ever catch any-pesin wey believe am.”

7. Now, dis one na to una wey believe, dis stone precious. But to those pipo wey no believe, “Di stone wey di builders fashi, don turn to di foundation stone.”

8. And, “He be stone wey go make men stagger, and rock wey go offend pipo.” Dem stagger becos dem disobey di message—wey Baba-God call dem for.

9. But una be generation wey Baba-God choose, royal priests, holy nation, special pipo wey belong to Baba-God, so dat una go fit show di praises of Baba-God, wey call you komot from darkness join hin ogbonge light.

10. Before-before una be nobody, but now una be God-pipo; before-before una neva receive mercy, but now Baba-God don sorry-for una.

11. My dear, I dey beg una as travellers and jjc for dis world, komot hand from di bad tins wey dey scratch una for body—and wey dey fight wit una soul.

12. Live beta life among world-pipo—sote even if dem tok sey you dey do wrong tin, dem go see your good work, con give Baba-God glory for di day wen he go visit us.

Sempe For Rulers And Oga

13. Becos of Baba-God, make una sempe for everi pawa wey dey among men: whether na to di oba [king] wey be oga kpatakpata,

14. or to govnors—wey he send to punish those pipo wey dey do wrong, and to praise those pipo wey dey do di right tin.

15. Na Baba-God wish sey—as you dey do good tin, you go make mumu pipo wey no know anytin—sharrap.

16. Live like free men, but as slave for Christ, and no use your freedom take cover evil tins; live as servant of Baba-God.

17. Respect everi-pesin: Love your brodas wey be God-pipo, fear Baba-God, respect di oba [king].

18. Workers, sempe for your oga wit all respect, no be to only di ones wey good and nice, but even to di ones wey harsh.

19. E make sense—wen you endure pain, and you suffer for wrong tin—becos of your good mind for Baba-God.

20. But wetin you gain if you receive punishment for doing wrong tin and you endure am? But if you suffer for doing good, and you endure am, e make sense for Baba-God.

21. Na dis tin Baba-God call you for—becos Christ sef suffer for us, and Christ na example wey we must follow.

22. “He no commit any sin, and dem no see any wayo for hin mouth.”

23. Wen dem dey sama dia insult on am, he no ansa dem; wen he sufer-suffer, he no threaten dem. Instead, he give hinsef to Baba-God wey dey judge wit hin church-mind.

24. Na he hinsef carry awa sins for hin body for cross, so dat as we kpeme for where sin dey, we go live for goodness; tru hin wounds—you don already heal.

25. Before-before, una be like sheep wey don dey waka-lose.But now, una don go back to meet di shepherd, and oga kpatakpata of your soul.


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