1st Peter

1st Peter Chapter 3

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Husband and Wives

1. Wives, naso una sef suppose obey una husbands, so dat if any one of dem no believe di word, wit-out yarnings, dia wife behaviour go make dem accept Christ,

2. wen dem see as your life pure wit fear.

3. Your beauty no just suppose be as you take makeup for outside, your hair wey you dey braid, di gold wey you wear, or designer cloth.

4. Instead, your beauty suppose be from inside your heart, di beauty wey no dey fade, beauty of jeje and quiet spirit—wey make-sense well-well for Baba-God eyes.

5. Naso di holy women for olden days wey put dia hope on Baba-God—take dey make demsef fine. Dem obey dia husband.

6. Sarah na example of woman wey obey her husband—Abraham, con call am oga. You be her daughter—if you do di right tin wit-out fear of kasala.

7. Husbands, make una sef respect una wives as una dey live togeda, and treat dem wit understanding. She fit no-strong reach you, but she dey follow you share inside dis beta gift of life—so dat notin go block your prayers.

Suffer-suffer Becos You Do Good

8. Las-las, make all of una get one mind; sorry-for each oda. Love each oda like brodas and sistas. Dey humble wit kind heart.

9. No use evil take pay evil, or insult wit insult, but pay dem back wit alubarika, becos na dis kain life Baba-God call una for, so dat una go fit receive blessing.

10. Di Holy-books tok sey, “Any-pesin wey wan chop-life, and see beta days—must komot hin mouth from evil, and hin lips from wayo yarnings.

11. He must komot from evil to do good; he must fyne peace, and keep peace.

12. Baba-God eyes dey watch di pipo wey dey do di right tins, and hin ears dey listen to dia prayers, but Baba-God face go change-am-for pipo wey dey do evil tins.”

13. Who fit wound you if you dey follow beta tins?

14. But even if you suffer for wetin dey right, Baba-God go pay you wit alubarika. “No dey fear if dem threaten you; no let your mind cut.”

15. But make Baba-God di Oga dey holy inside your heart, and always dey ready to ansa everi-pesin—wit jeje and fear, wey ask about di reason for di hope wey you get,

16. and get clean-heart, so dat shame go catch those pipo wey dey bad-mouth your beta life inside Christ –wen dem spoil your name as evil pesin.

17. Remember sey e beta to suffer becos you do good, if na Baba-God wish, dan to suffer becos you do evil tin.

18. Christ sef suffer once and for all—becos of awa sins. He no commit any sin, but he die for sinners, to bring una come meet Baba-God. Dem kill hin body fisikally, but Baba-God make am alive by di Spirit,

19. so he go preach to di spirits wey dey for prison—

20. those pipo wey disobey Baba-God before-before, wen Baba-God wait wit patience for Noah as he dey build di boat. Na only eight pipo save tru di water.

21. And dis water na di sign of baptism wey dey save una now—no be to komot yama- yama from di body, but na di ansa to Baba-God from clean- heart—tru as Jesus raise up from di dead.

22. Now Christ don go heaven, and he sidon for Baba-God right hand—wit angels, control, and pawas wey dey under am.


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