1st Peter

1st Peter Chapter 5

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To Di Senior-men Plus Young Men

1. To di senior-men wey dey among una, I dey beg una as fellow senior-man, wey be witness of Christ suffering, and as pesin wey go share inside di levels wey dey come:

2. Be Shepherd of Baba-God pipo wey dey under una, and make una serve as leaders—no be as if dem dey force you, but becos you wan do am from your mind, no be to turn pipo to maga for moni, but wit seriousness.

3. No be to dey form oga for di pipo wey Baba-God don give you, but make una be example to God-pipo.

4. And wen di Chief Shepherd show, una go receive di crown of glory wey no go ever fade.

5. Young men, make una sef obey di pipo wey senior una. Oya, make all of una dey listen to unasef, and make una wear humbleness like cloth, becos— “Baba-God dey against pipo wey dey feel-big, but he dey give grace to pipo wey dey do jeje.”

6. So humble yoursef for under Baba-God big hand, so dat he go promote you—wen time don reach.

7. Carry all your wahala and palava give Baba-God, becos he care about you.

8. Dey serious, dey reason and dey watch. Your enemy di devil—dey waka upandan like lion wey dey halla, dey fyne pesin wey e go chop-fast-fast.

9. Pursue di devil komot, stand gidigbam for inside di faith, and know sey una brodas wey dey everi-where for di world—dey pass tru dis kain palava.

10. Make Baba-God wey kind well-well, wey call you inside hin everlasting glory—tru Christ, make you perfect, strong kakaraka, stand gidigbam, and make he settle you—afta you don suffer small.

11. Nahin get all di glory, plus pawa—for ever and ever! Iseee.

Las-las Greetings

12. Wit di epp of Silas, wey I take as my faithful broda, I don write una dis short letter, to ginger una, and I dey preach to una, and dey tell una sey—na dis be di true grace of Baba-God—wey una dey stand put.

13. Your fellow church for here—for Babylon, dey send her greetings, and my son Mark—dey throway-salute sef.

14. Greet one anoda wit kiss of love. Alafia [peace] to all of una wey belong to Christ. Amen.


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