2nd John

2nd John Chapter 1

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1. From di senior-man. To di madam wey dem choose, plus her pikin, wey I love inside truth—and no be only me, but everi-pesin wey don sabi di truth—

2. becos of di truth wey dey live inside us, and wey go dey wit us forever:

3. Make grace, mercy plus peace from Baba-God di Fada, and from Oga Jesus Christ—di Son of di Fada, kontinu to dey wit us for inside truth, and love.

4. My belle dey sweet me well-well sey some of your pikin don dey waka inside truth just as di Fada sey make we dey do.

5. Abeg madam, I no dey write you new command, but na di one wey we don know from starting—sey make we love one anoda.

6. Na love be dis: to obey wetin Baba-God tell us to do. Dis na wetin he command, sey as you don hear from di starting, dey waka inside am.

7. I dey tok dis one becos, many wayo-pipo wey no gree sey Jesus Christ come as human being—don go inside di world. Dat kain pesin na wayo-pesin and antichrist.

8. Shine your eyes so dat we no go lose those tins wey we don hustle for, but make we receive full blessings.

9. Any-pesin wey commit sin and wey waka komot from di teaching of Christ, no get Baba-God inside am; any-pesin wey kontinu inside di teaching, get both di Fada, plus di Son.

10. If any-pesin come meet you, and he no carry dis teaching come, no let am enta your house, and no greet am.

11. Any-pesin wey greet am—dey share inside hin evil work.

12. I get plenty tins to write to you, but I no wan use paper and ink. Instead, I hope to come visit una, and follow una tok face to face—so dat awa happiness go complete.

13. Greeting from di pikin of una sista —wey Baba-God don choose. Amen.


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