2nd Peter

2nd Peter Chapter 1

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1. Dis letter na from Simon Peter, wey be servant and disciple of Jesus Christ. To those pipo wey dey share di same precious faith wey we get—by di goodness of awa God, and Saviour—Jesus Christ.

2. Make grace plus peace wey burku—dey wit una, as una dey sabi Baba-God and awa Oga Jesus.

Ogbonge And Beta Promises

3. Baba-God heavenly pawa don give us everitin wey we need to live beta life. We receive all dis tins as we con dey sabi Baba-God more-more—wey call us by hin levels plus goodness,

4. wey he take give us promises wey great well-well, and wey precious, so dat tru dem you go fit share inside hin heavenly character, as you don escape di corruption of dis world—tru awa body wey dey scratch us to do bad tin.

5. Nahin make you suppose try wella—to add faith join your beta-character, and add knowledge join your beta- character;

6. and to knowledge—add 1 self-control; and to self- control—add endurance, and to endurance—add goodness join,

7. and to goodness—make we add brodaly love, and to brodaly love—add kindness plus love.

8. If you get all dis beta character burku, dem go make you no dey empty and make you no dey useless inside di knowledge about awa Oga Jesus Christ.

9. But any-pesin wey no get dis characters—no dey see far, and di pesin dey blind, and e don forget sey e don clean from di sins wey e commit before-before.

10. So, my brodas and sistas, work hard to confam sey you really dey among those pipo wey Baba-God don call and choose. If you do dis tins, you no go ever fall komot from di grace.

11. And Baba-God go welcome you like bigman inside di everlasting kingdom of awa Oga Jesus Christ.

Prophecy Of Di Holy Books

12. Nahin make I go always dey remind una of dis tins, even though una know dem, and una don stand gidigbam for inside di truth wey una learn now.

13. I feel sey e good to ginger una memory as long as I dey alive,

14. becos I know sey I go soon throway dis body put for one corner, as awa Oga Jesus Christ don show us korokoro.

15. And I go dey careful to make sure sey, una go always dey remember all dis tins afta I delete.

16. We no gist una tori wey we package well-well—wen we tell una about di pawa and as Oga Jesus go take show, but we don see hin levels wit awa korokoro eyes.

17. He receive respect and levels from Baba-God di Fada, wen di voice come meet am from high levels—con tok sey, “Dis na my Son wey I love; he dey make body sweet me.”

18. We awasef hear dis voice wey come from heaven—wen we dey wit am for di holy mountain.

19. And we still get di sure word of prophecy—wey una must do well to keep—as light wey dey shine for dark place until morning reach, and di morning star go rise up for una heart.

20. Una suppose first of all know sey—no prophecy or writing come meet di prophets by hin own understanding [ or interpretation],

21. prophecy no be from man own inspiration, but men yarn from Baba-God as di Holy Spirit move dem.


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