2nd Peter

2nd Peter Chapter 2

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Fake Teachers and As Dem Go Take kpeme

1. But fake prophets sef bin dey among di pipo, just as fake teachers sef go dey among una. Dem go codedly bring opposite ideas wey dey lead to death—con even fashi Baba-God wey save dem—but dem go sharp-sharp kpeme.

2. Many pipo go follow dia way of death, and becos of dis fake teachers, plenty pipo go bad-mouth di way of truth.

3. Wit longatrot, dem go play una wayo wit tori wey dem don package. E don tey wey dia judgement dey hang for dia head, and di tin wey go kill dem no dey sleep.

4. If Baba-God no sorry-for angels wen dem commit sin, but he pursue dem go hell, con put dem inside chains of darkness—until wen judgement reach;

5. if he no sorry-for pipo for olden days wen he carry flood go meet pipo wey no wan gree know am, but he save Noah wey dey preach goodness and seven odas;

6. if he condemn di city of Sodom and Gomorrah as he burn am to ashes, and he use dem do example of wetin go happun to pipo wey no wan gree know God;

7. and Baba-God save Lot from Sodom, becos he be good man, and hin mind disturb am about di bad life wey badbelle pipo dey live around am.

8. Lot na good man, and hin good mind disturb am about di evil tins wey he see, and hear day by day—

9. so you see, Baba-God sabi save hin holy men from kasala, and to hold men wey no get clean-hand—to kontinu dia punishment until di day of judgement,

10. especially pipo wey dey do di bad tins wey dia body dey scratch dem to do, and for pipo wey hate authority. Dem dey carry-shoulder, dem dey follow dia own way, and dem no dey fear to bad-mouth di pipo of heaven;

11. but even angels wey strong pass us, and wey get pawa pass us-no dey bad-mouth heavenly beings for Baba-God front.

12. But dis fake prophets wey be like wild animals wey no dey reason—wey dem go catch, con kill—dey bad-mouth tins wey dem no fit understand, and dem go kpeme las-las inside dia own corruption.

13. Baba-God go pay dem back for di bad tins wey dem don do. Dem like to dey happy to flex for day time. Dem be yeye pipo and dem be stain among una. Dem like to dey whyne you as dem dey follow you chop.

14. Dia eyes dey shuuk to climb pesin wife, and dia sin no dey belleful dem; dem dey use style enta pipo wey no get strong mind. Dem be oga of longatrot, and curse dey on dem.

15. Dem don komot for straight road, con waka miss- road—dey follow di way of Balaam—di son of Beor, wey love to do evil tins to make moni.

16. Nahin donkey correct am for di wrong tin wey he do; animal wey no fit tok—con use man voice tok, to stop di Prophet kolomentality.

17. Dis men be like stream wey no get water, and cloud wey heavy-breeze dey blow. Darkness wey black wella nahin Baba-God don keep down for dem.

18. Wen dem dey make- mouth wit big-big tin wey no dey, dem dey use dia corrupt mind take enta pipo wey just dey escape from pipo wey dey live in error.

19. Dem promise pipo freedom, and dem sef be slave of evil. Pesin be slave of anytin wey dey control am.

20. If dem don escape di corruption of di world—by knowing awa Oga and Saviour—Jesus Christ, and dem con go tie diasef inside am again, and di corruption of di world con over-pawa dem, las-las dem go bad pass as dem first be from di starting.

21. E for beta for dem if to sey dem no first know di right way, dan make dem know am, den con turn dia back for di holy command wey dem receive.

22. Na dem dis proverb dey tok about: “Dog turn back to e vomit,” and “Pig wey don baff—go back go play for portor- portor.”


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