2nd Peter

2nd Peter Chapter 3

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Di Day of Di Oga

1. My dear, dis na my second letter to una. I don write two letters to remind una, and to ginger una pure mind.

2. I wan make una remember di words of di holy prophets before-before. And di command wey awa Oga and Saviour—give us, tru una apostles.

3. First of all, una must understand sey for di last days, some pipo wey dey follow dia own bad mind go show-face, and dem go dey yab di truth.

4. Dem go tok sey, “Wetin happun to di promise sey Jesus go show-face again? Ever since awa papa-papa-papa kpeme, everitin dey go well selense—since di starting of di world.”

5. But dem korokoro forget sey before-before, Baba-God use hin word make di heavens, con form di earth from water, and surround am wit water.

6. And na wit dis water Baba-God take cover, and scata di world of dat time.

7. But di heavens and earth wey dey exist now tru di same word—he dey keep dem for faya—until di day of judgement, and to scata evil men.

8. But una—my dear pipo, make una no forget dis one tin: Wit Baba-God, one day be like one thousand years, and one thousand years be like one single day.

9. Baba-God no dey do sme-sme to keep hin promise, as some pipo take understand wetin ‘sme-sme’ mean; but he dey patient wit us, he no wan make any-pesin kpeme, but make everi-pesin repent.

10. But di day of di Christ go show like tiff for night. Heaven go pass komot wit heavy sound, and everitin wey dem take form di earth go melt wit serious heat, and di materials of di earth plus everitin wey dey for inside am—go burn to ashes.

11. Since everitin go dabaru like dis, which kain pipo una suppose be inside holy character plus goodness—

12. as una dey wait for di day of Baba-God, and dey try to make dat day come fast-fast, wey faya go dabaru di heavens, and everitin wey dem take form di earth go melt inside di heat?

13. But we dey wait for new heaven and new earth to show- face—as Baba-God don promise, wey be di house of goodness.

14. So, my dear pipo, since una dey wait for dis tins to happun, try make you no get comma or error, and make you make peace wit Christ.

15. Make una know sey Baba-God patience—mean sey he dey give pipo time to accept salvation, just as awa correct bros Paul write to una wit di wisdom wey Baba￾God give am.

16. He write about di same tin for all hin letters. Some kain tins wey hard to understand dey inside hin letters, wey mumu and olodo pipo dey twist, as dem dey do oda teachings, and dis kain tin go make dem kpeme.

17. So, my dear pipo, since you don already know dis tins, make you dey watch, so dat you no go fall as you stand gidigbam, con miss-road wit di error of evil pipo.

18. But make you grow inside grace, and to sabi awa Oga and Saviour—Jesus Christ—well- well. Nahin get all di levels—both now and forever! Amen.


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