3rd John

3rd John Chapter 1

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1. From di senior-man. To Gaius wey I love well- well—inside di truth.

2. My love, I pray sey make you prosper, and live wit good health—even as your soul dey shine.

3. I happy well-well wen some brodas con tok about di truth wey dey inside you, just as you dey waka inside di truth.

4. I neva see wetin go make body sweet me pass—sey make I hear sey dem my pikin dey waka inside truth.

5. My love, you dey faithful for di tins wey you dey do for di brodas, even di ones wey you no know before.

6. Dem don tell di church about your love. You go do well to send dem on dia journey in a way—wey go make Baba-God happy,

7. becos of di Name nahin dem go out, and dem no accept anytin from world-pipo [Gentiles].

8. We suppose welcome those kain men, so dat we go fit hustle togeda to spread di truth.

9. I bin write to di church about dis tin, but Diotrephes, wey love to be di first among dem—no gree welcome us.

10. So if I show, I go remember di tins wey he dey do, he dey use bad-belle take bad-mouth us. Evensef, dat one no belleful am, he no gree welcome di brodas, and he no gree make pipo welcome dem, and he even pursue dem komot from di church.

11. My love, no copy evil tins, but copy good tins. Any-pesin wey do good tins na from Baba-God. But any-pesin wey do evil—neva see Baba-God.

12. Everi-pesin dey tok beta tins about Demetrius—and even di truth esef. We sef confam am, and you know sey wetin we dey tok na true.

13. I bin get plenty tins to write to you, but I no wan use pen plus ink take write to you,

14. but I no go tey come meet you, and we go tok face to face. Make peace dey wit you. Awa padi for here dey greet you. Greet all awa padi for there wit dia name.


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