James Chapter 1

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1. From James wey be Baba-God and Oga Jesus Christ servant. To di twelve tribes wey scata among all di nations: Howfar.

Test and Temptation

2. My pipo, make una reason am as pure happiness—any time wey una face different tins wey dey test una faith,

3. As you know sey wen your faith don pass tru test—nahin fit make am get patience.

4. But allow patience do e perfect work, so dat you go dey perfect and complete, and you no go need anytin.

5. If any one of una need wisdom, make e ask Baba-God wey dey give am wit open-heart—to everi-pesin, wit-out seeing comma wit di pesin—and he go give di pesin.

6. But wen you ask, you must believe, and no get two-mind, becos pesin wey get two-mind be like wave for big-river, wey breeze dey blow upandan.

7. Make dat pesin no tink sey he go receive anytin from Baba-God;

8. Na man wey get two- mind—he no dey put-mind for anytin wey he dey do.

9. Make di brodas wey poor—get levels, becos Baba-God don honour dem.

10. But di rich pipo suppose dey make-mouth wit dia low-key, becos he go still kpeme like flower for field.

11. Hot sun go rise wit heavy heat and naso e go burn di plant; di flower go fall, and e beauty go vamoose. Naso bigman sef go fade komot for inside hin business.

12. Blessings for di man wey dey endure temptation, becos wen he don stand di test, he go receive di crown of life—wey Baba-God don promise those pipo wey love Am.

13. Wen pesin face temptation, make e no tok sey, “Na Baba-God dey tempt me.” Becos evil no fit tempt Baba-God, and Baba-God no dey tempt any-pesin.

14. Temptation dey come wen pesin follow di bad tins wey dey scratch am for hin mind. Hin eyes wey dey shuuk nahin make am waka miss-road.

15. Afta he don reason bad tin for hin mind, he go commit sin; and wen sin don grow reach one level, na die be dat.

16. No waka miss-road, my dear brodas.

17. Everi beta gift and everi perfect gift—dey come from Baba-God, e dey come down from di Fada of light. He no dey change like shadow wey dey shift.

18. He choose to born us—by giving us di true word, so dat we go be di best of everitin wey he make.

To Listen And To Do

19. So my dear brodas [and sistas], make everi-pesin sabi cool down to listen, make dem no dey quick tok, and make dem no dey quick vex.

20. Becos wen pesin dey para, e no dey promote di goodness of Baba-God.

21. So make you komot hand from all di bad-bad-tin, plus di evil wey dey pour-throway from you, and make you use jeje accept di word wey dem plant inside you, wey fit save your soul.

22. No dey whyne yoursef—do di tins wey di word dey tok, no just dey only listen.

23. Any-pesin wey listen to di word and no gree do di tins wey di word dey tok, be like man wey look hin face for mirror,

24. and afta he don look hinsef finish, he waka komot—con sharp-sharp forget as hin face be.

25. But any-pesin wey use jeje look di perfect law wey dey give freedom, and kotinu to look am, and wey no forget wetin he don hear, but he dey do di tins wey he hear—alubarika go follow am for anytin wey he do.

26. If any-pesin dey reason hinsef as religious pesin, and he no fit control hin tongue, he dey play hinsef wayo and hin religion dey useless.

27. Di religion wey Baba-God awa Fada accept sey e dey pure, and wey no get error na: make pesin care for pipo wey no get mama and papa, plus widows wey dey suffer-suffer, and make pesin keep hinsef make dis world no spoil am.


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