James Chapter 2

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Warning Against Partiality

1. My dear brodas, no hold di faith of awa Oga Jesus Christ, di Oga of levels—wit partiality.

2. For example, If one man wey wear gold rings, plus designer cloth—enta una meeting, and one poor man wey wear tear-tear-cloth sef—come inside.

3. If you take care of di man wey wear fine cloth specially, and you con tell am sey, “See beta chair for you,” but you con tell di poor man sey, “Stand for here,” or “Sidon for ground near my leg.”

4. Abi una neva dey show partiality among una sef, con dey judge pesin wit bad-mind?

5. Listen, my dear brodas: Abi Baba-God neva choose pipo wey dey poor for di eyes of dis world, to dey rich in faith and to give di kingdom wey he promise those pipo wey love am?

6. But una don insult poor pipo. No be bigmen dey oppress una? No be dem dey drag una go court?

7. Abi no be dem dey bad- mouth di beta name of Jesus Christ wey una belong to?

8. If you really keep di royal law wey dey inside di Holy- books, “Love your neighbour as you love yoursef,” You dey do di right tin.

9. But if you dey do partiality, you dey commit sin, and di law go judge you as pesin wey dey break di law.

10. Any-pesin wey dey keep di whole law, wey con fall for just one point—don break di full law.

11. Pesin wey tok sey, “No climb pesin husband or wife,” nahin still tok sey, “No kill pesin.” If you no climb pesin husband or wife, but you kill pesin, you don break di law be dat.

12. So anytin wey you tok or do, remember sey na di law of freedom go judge you.

13. Baba-God no go sorry-for pipo wey no sorry-for odas—wen he dey judge dem. But if you don sorry-for odas, Baba-God go sorry-for you—wen he dey judge you.

Faith And Works

14. My pipo, wetin be di gain, if pesin claim sey e get faith, but you no get action [or works]? Abi hin faith fit save am?

15. If to sey one broda or sista no get cloth, or food to chop everi day,

16. and one of una tell am sey, “Go, I wish you well; take care of yoursef and make you chop belleful,” but you no do anytin about wetin di pesin need fisikally, which kain good be dat?

17. Naso e be sef, faith wit- out work na die.

18. But pesin go argue sey, “You get faith, and I get works.” But I sey, “Show me your faith—wit no works? And I go show you my faith wit my works.”

19. You believe sey na only one God dey. Good! Even bad- spirit believe dat one—and dem dey shake. hard pass.

20. You be mumu man, you dey fyne evidence sey faith wit no action na waste of time?

21. Abi dem no count Abraham awa ancestor, sey he be good man for wetin he do—wen he give hin son Isaac for altar?

22. You see sey hin faith and action dey work togeda, and hin faith con complete wit wetin he do.

23. And di prophecy come to pass wey tok sey, “Abraham believe Baba-God, and Baba-God count am as goodness,” and dem call Abraham Baba-God padi.

24. Una don see sey pesin go dey good becos of hin work, and no be just by only faith.

25. Rahab di ashawo na anoda example. Baba-God count her as beta pesin becos of wetin she do, as she hide those messengers for her house, con show dem anoda road to pass?

26. Just as body wey no get spirit don kpeme, naso faith wit no works na die.


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