James Chapter 3

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To Control Di Tongue

1. My brodas [and sistas], make plenty of una no be teachers, becos una know sey na awa judgement go

2. All of us don make plenty mistakes. And if you fit control your tongue, you go dey perfect, and you go fit control your whole body.

3. Wen we dey put bit for horse mouth to make dem obey us; we fit control di horse.

4. Or make we use ship as example. Even if e big well-well and na heavy breeze dey fit move dem, na one small rudder di sailor dey use take dey control am—to any place wey he wan go.

5. Naso di tongue sef be. Na small part of di body but e fit make-mouth well-well. Reason as big forest take dey catch faya wit one small spark.

6. Di tongue na faya among di oda parts of di body. Na world of evil, wey dey corrupt di whole body. E fit put faya for di whole life—and na hell dey put faya on am.

7. Pipo don train everi kain animals; birds, animals wey dey crawl for ground, plus animals wey dey for water—and pipo dey train dem,

8. but no man fit control hin tongue. Na evil wey no dey rest. Poison wey fit kill nahin. burku inside am.

9. Na wit awa tongue we take dey praise awa Oga and Papa, and nahin we take dey curse men, wey Baba-God don make to resemble hinsef.

10. Na di same mouth we take dey praise and curse. My pipo no be so e suppose be.

11. Abi both fresh water and salt water fit come out from one stream?

12. My brodas, fig tree fit produce olives, or grapevine produce figs? So no river fit bring both salt water, plus fresh water sef.

Di Original Wisdom Na From Baba-God

13. Who dey wise, con get understanding among una? Make he show am wit hin good life, sey he dey do hin works wit jeje wey dey come from wisdom.

14. But if una dey keep serious jealousy, and selfish plan for una heart, no use am make-mouth, or lie against di truth.

15. Dis kain wisdom no dey come from heaven, but na from earth, e no dey spiritual, and na from bad-spirit.

16. Where envy and selfish plan dey, na for there you go see jaga-jaga plus everi evil ways.

17. But di wisdom wey dey come down from heaven—first of all dey pure; e love peace, na jeje, e dey sempe, e sabi sorry-for person well-well, e brekete wit beta fruit, e no dey do partiality, and no dey pretend.

18. Na wit peace di pipo wey dey make peace dey use take plant di fruit of goodness.


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