James Chapter 4

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Give Yoursef To Baba-God

1. Where wars and kwanta dey come from among una? Abi no be from di bad tin wey dey scratch una for body and wey dey fight for una body?

2. You want sometin wey you no get. You kill pesin, and you dey jealous oda pipo property, but you no fit get am. So you quarrel and fight war to collect am from dia hand. But you no still get wetin you want—becos you no ask Baba-God for am.

3. And even wen you ask, you no dey receive am becos you dey ask wit bad mind, so dat you go fit spend wetin you get for flexing.

4. Ashawo pipo [wey no dey faithful to Baba-God]! Una no know sey to be padi wit di world—na to hate Baba-God be dat? Any-pesin wey choose to be padi wit di world, go turn to Baba-God enemy.

5. Abi you tink sey di Holy-books just tok for no reason—sey di spirit wey he put inside us suppose dey faithful to Baba-God?

6. But he dey give us more grace. Nahin make di Holy-books tok sey: “Baba-God dey change-am-for pipo wey dey make-mouth but he dey give grace to jeje pipo.”

7. Give yoursef to Baba-God, pursue di devil komot, and he go jakpa from where you dey.

8. Come near Baba-God and he go come near you. Sinners, make una wash una hands, and make your heart pure—una wey get two-mind.

9. Feel sad, cry, shout. Change una laff-laff to cry-cry and una happiness to dullness.

10. Sempe for Baba-God and he go give you levels.

11. Brodas, make una no do amebor for unasef. Any-pesin wey bad-mouth hin broda or judge am—dey bad-mouth di law, and he dey judge di law. Wen you judge di law, you no dey keep am, but you don turn to judge.

12. Only Baba-God wey give di law nahin be di Judge, nahin fit save pesin, and nahin fit scata. So who you be to dey judge anoda pesin?

To Dey Make-mouth About Tomorrow

13. Now make una listen, you wey dey tok sey, “Today or tomorrow we go travel go dis or dat city, spend one year for there, do business, con make moni.”

14. As if you even know wetin go happun tomorrow. Wetin be your life? You be like cloud wey just show-face, and small time e go vanish komot.

15. Instead, you suppose tok sey, “If Baba-God wish, we go dey alive to do dis or dat.”

16. As e be so, you dey make-mouth, and you dey carry shoulder up. To make-mouth like dat—na evil tin.

17. Any-pesin wey know di good tin wey he suppose do, and he no gree do am—he don commit sin.


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