Jude Chapter 1

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1. Dis letter na from Jude, wey be servant of Jesus Christ, and wey be James broda. I dey write to those pipo wey Baba-God di Fada don call, and wey he make holy, and wey dey safe inside Jesus Christ;

2. Make Baba-God sorry-for una well-well, con give una peace and love wey brekete.

Di Sin and Yawa of Men Wey No know Baba-God

3. My love, as I bin serious to write una about di salvation wey we dey share, but I see sey e dey important to write to una, to ginger una to seriously fight for di faith wey Baba-God don give hin holy-pipo once and for all.

4. Some kain men wey don condemn tey-tey—don use style join una churches. Men wey no dey fear Baba-God, wey dey change Baba-God grace to dey sex anyhow, and dem don fashi di only Baba-God wey be awa Oga, and awa Oga Jesus Christ.

5. I know sey una don already know all dis tins, but I wan still remind una sey Baba-God save hin pipo from Egypt, but he later scata all those pipo wey no believe am.

6. And di angels wey no keep dia position of pawa, but wey fashi where dem belong, Baba-God don keep all dis ones inside darkness, con tie dem wit everlasting chain for di great day of judgement.

7. Naso Sodom and Gomorrah, plus di towns wey dey around take corrupt wit anyhow- sex, and dem con turn to homosexual. Dem be example of those pipo wey dey suffer punishment inside everlasting faya.

8. Naso dis pipo sef be dreamers wey dey spoil dia own body, dem dey fashi everi authority, and dem dey bad-mouth pipo of heaven.

9. Even di chief-angel Michael, as he kwanta wit devil—wen dem dey kwanta about Moses body, he no even try to put mata for devil head—sey devil insult Baba-God, but he just tok sey, “Baba-God don change-am-for you!”

10. But dis men dey bad- mouth anytin wey dem no sabi; and like animals wey no dey reason, anytin wey dem sabi naturally—na those tins dem dey spoil demsef wit.

11. Kasala for dem! Dem don follow di way of Cain; dia eye don shuuk wit longatrot for moni—inside di error of Balaam; dem don rebel like Korah and naso dem go take kpeme.

12. Dis pipo na stain for your party, as dem dey follow you chop wit no-shaking—dem dey serve only demsef. Dem be cloud wey no bring rain, wey heavy- breeze just dey blow dey go; dem be trees wey dia fruit dey dry, dem no get fruits—double wahala for deadbody, dem go pluck dem komot from dia roots.

13. Dem be like heavy wave for big-river, dia shame dey rise up like foam of water; dem be like star wey just dey float dey go—wey di blackest darkness nahin be e own forever.

14. Enoch, wey live for di seventh generation afta Adam, prophesy about dis men: “See, di Oga dey come wit ten thousands of hin holy-pipo,

15. to judge everi-pesin and to condemn all di pipo wey no know Baba-God—for all di bad tins wey dem do wit evil way, and for all di bad-mouth—wey wicked sinners miss-yarn against am.”

16. Dis men sabi grumble, and dem sabi complain; dem dey follow di bad tins wey dia body dey scratch dem to do; dia mouth dey tok big-big tok, and dem dey use dia sweet-mouth take enta pipo—to turn dem to maga.

Dem Dey Tell Una to Push-on

17. But una—my love, remember wetin di disciples of awa Oga Jesus Christ bin tok.

18. Dem tell una sey, “For di last days, yeye pipo go dey laff Baba-God way, con dey follow dia own evil mind.

19. Na dis kain men dey scata una—wey dey follow dia evil mind, and dem no get Baba-God Spirit inside dem.”

20. But you—my love, grow inside your most holy faith, as you dey pray inside di Holy Spirit.

21. Keep yoursef inside Baba-God love—as you dey fyne awa Oga Jesus Christ to sorry-for you—to give you everlasting life.

22. Sorry-for some pipo wey get two-mind.

23. Use fear take save odas by dragging dem komot from faya—and hate even di sin wey dey corrupt dia life.

Praises To Baba-God

24. Now, to Am wey fit keep you make you no stagger, and wey go bring you wit serious happiness for front of hin levels—wit no error,

25. all levels, majesty, control, plus pawa be to di only wise God—wey be awa Saviour, both now and forever! Iseee.


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