Revelation Chapter 1

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1. Dis na di revelation of Jesus Christ, wey Baba-God give am to show hin servant wetin must soon happun. He send hin angel to hin servant John—to let am know.

2. John confam everitin wey he see—wey be di word of Baba-God, and di words of Jesus Christ, plus everitin wey he see.

3. Blessings for di pesin wey read, and those pipo wey hear di message of dis prophecy, con obey di message wey dem write inside am, becos time don dey reach.

Greetings Plus Praise To Baba-God

4. Dis letter na from John, to di seven churches wey dey for Asia: Grace plus peace to una, from di Pesin wey dey, and wey don dey, and wey go come, and from di seven spirits wey dey for front of hin king-chair,

5. and from Jesus Christ, wey be di faithful witness to dis tins. Nahin be di firstborn from di dead, and nahin be di ruler of di kings of di earth. All glory to Jesus wey love us, and don wash us from awa sins wit hin blood.

6. He don make us to be kings, and priest to serve Baba-God and hin Papa. All glory and pawa to Jesus—for ever and ever! Iseee.

7. Look, he dey come wit clouds of heaven, and everi eye go see am, even those pipo wey shuuk am; and everi family of di earth go cry becos of am. Naso e go be! Iseee [Amen].

8. “Na me be di Alpha and Omega—di starting and finishing, wey dey, and wey don dey, and wey go come—di Oga Kpatakpata,” naso Baba-God tok. Pesin Wey Be like Man-pikin

9. Me—John, wey be una broda and padi for inside di suffer- suffer, and for Baba-God kingdom, and inside di patience of Jesus Christ. I bin dey one island wey dem dey call Patmos, becos of Baba-God word, and di words of Jesus Christ.

10. For di Day of Christ, as I dey worship inside di spirit, I con hear one loud voice from my back—wey be like trumpet.

11. Di voice tok sey: “Na me be di Alpha and Omega—di first and di last. Write everitin wey you see—for book, con send am to di seven churches for Asia: to Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea.”

12. I turn back make I see di voice wey dey follow me yarn. Wen I turn back, I see seven golden lampstand.

13. For di middle of di lampstands, one pesin dey—wey be like Man-pikin. He wear long cloth wey reach hin leg, and wit one round golden cloth round hin chest.

14. Hin head and hin hair white like wool, dem white like snow, and hin eyes dey shine like faya.

15. Hin leg be like fine brass, as if dem use faya take make am dey shine, and hin voice be like sound of plenty water.

16. He carry seven stars for hin right hand, and sharp sword wey get two sides—come out from inside hin mouth. Hin face bright like sun wey dey shine well-well.

17. Wen I see am, I bow down for hin front as if I be deadbody. Naso he put hin right hand for my body, con tok sey: “No fear. Na me be di First and Last.

18. Na me be di Living One; I bin die, but now I dey alive—for ever and ever, Iseee [Amin]! And di keys of hell and death dey wit me.

19. “So, write wetin you don see, wetin dey happun now, and wetin go happun later.

20. Na dis be di meaning of di deep-mata of di seven stars wey you see for my right hand, and di seven golden lampstand: Di seven stars na di angels of di seven churches, and di seven lampstands na di seven churches.


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