Revelation Chapter 10

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Di Angels And Di Small Book

1. I con see anoda jagaban angel wey dey come down from heaven, cloud cover am like cloth, wit rainbow on top of hin head; hin face be like di sun, and hin legs be like pillars of faya.

2. He hold one small book, wey open for hin hand. He put hin right leg inside di big-river, con put hin left leg for land.

3. He con halla like lion. Wen he shout, di voice of di seven thunders ansa.

4. And wen di seven thunder halla, I wan bin write; but I hear one voice from heaven wey tok sey, “Close wetin di seven thunders don tok, and no write am down.

5. So di angel wey I see, stand for water and for land—raise hin right hand go heaven.

6. He con swear wit di name of di Pesin wey dey live for ever and ever, wey make di heavens—plus everitin wey dey inside dem, di earth—and everitin wey dey inside, and di big-river—plus everitin wey dey inside—and he con tok sey, no time to waste again!

7. But for di days wen di seventh angels wan blow hin trumpet, di deep-tins of Baba-God go complete, just as he tell hin servants—di prophets.”

8. Den di voice wey I hear f rom heaven con tell me again—sey: “Go carry di book wey open for di angel hand—wey dey stand for di big-river and for land.”

9. So, I go meet di angel, con ask am to give me di small book. Naso he tell me sey, “Take am make you chop am. E go worry your belle, but e go sweet like honey for your mouth.”

10. I collect di small book from di angel hand, con chop am. E taste sweet like honey for my mouth, but wen I don chop am, my belle con dey worry me.

11. He con tell me sey, “You must prophesy again about plenty pipo, nations, languages, plus kings.”


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