Revelation Chapter 11

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1. Dem give me long stick wey be like ruler. Di angel stand, con tell me sey, “Go measure Baba-God worship-place, plus di altar, and count di worshippers for there.”

2. But no measure di yard for outside; no measure am, becos dem don give am to di Gentiles. Dem go march di holy city for ground for 42 months.

3. And I go give my two witness pawa, and dem go prophesy for 1,260 days, and dem go wear sackcloth.”

4. Dis na di two olive trees, and di two lampstands wey dey stand for front of di God of di earth.

5. If any-pesin try to wound dem, faya dey komot from dia mouth—to burn dia enemies. Naso any-pesin wey wan wound dem go take kpeme.

6. Dem get pawa to close di sky make rain no fall wen dem dey prophesy; and dem get pawa to turn water to blood—and to nack di earth wit everi kain disease and palava—any time dem like.

7. Now wen dem don finish dia message, di beast [wild animal] wey dey komot from di deep-pit go attack dem, he go over-pawa dem, con kill dem.

8. Dia deadbody go dey for di main street of di great city, wey dem dey spiritually call—Sodom and Egypt, for where dem hang awa Oga for cross sef.

9. For three and half days, men from everi pipo, tribe, language and nation, go look dia deadbody, and di pipo no go gree bury dem.

10. Di pipo wey dey stay for earth go happy for dia mata, and dem go celebrate by sending each oda gifts, becos dis two prophets show pepper to di pipo wey dey stay for earth.

11. But afta di three and half days, breath of life from Baba-God con enta dem. Dem stand wit dia leg, and serious fear catch di pipo wey see dem.

12. Dem con hear one loud voice from heaven wey tell dem sey, “Come up come here.” Naso dem con go up to heaven inside cloud—as dia enemies dey look dem.

13. For dat very hour, serious earthquake con dey, and ten percent of di city kpafuka. Seven thousand pipo kpeme for di earthquake, and di rest pipo con dey shake—so dem give glory to Baba-God of heaven.

14. Di second yawa don gas; di third yawa dey come sharply.

Di Seventh Trumpets

15. Di seventh angel blow hin trumpet, and loud voices con dey halla inside heaven wey tok sey: “And now, di kingdoms of di world don turn to kingdoms of awa Oga and hin Christ, and he go reign for ever and ever.”

16. And di twenty-four senior-men wey sidon for dia king-chair for Baba-God front, fall on dia face for ground, con dey worship Baba-God.

17. Dem con dey tok sey: “We give you tanks Oga Kpatakpata, na you be di Pesin wey dey, and wey don dey, now you don show your ogbonge pawa, and you don start to dey reign.

18. Di nations bin dey para; but now your vex don come, time don reach wey you go judge di dead, and to pay your servants—di prophets, and your holy-pipo, and all di pipo wey dey respect your name, both small and great—and to dabaru those pipo wey scata di earth.”

19. Naso Baba-God worship-place for heaven open, and for inside hin worship-place, dem see di ark of hin agreement. Lightning con dey, deep sound, serious thunder, earthquake, plus heavy ice-stone.


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