Revelation Chapter 12

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Di Woman Plus Di Dragon

1. I see one ogbonge sign for heaven: I see one woman wey baffup wit di sun, wit di moon under her leg, and crown of twelve stars for her head.

2. She get-belle, she con dey cry wit pain as she wan born her pikin.

3. Naso anoda sign con show-face for heaven: I see one big red dragon—wey get seven head, plus ten horns, and seven crown for all hin head.

4. Hin tail sweep one third of di stars komot from di sky, con throway dem for earth. Di dragon stand for front of di woman wey wan born pikin, so dat he go chop her pikin as she just born am.

5. She born man-pikin, wey suppose rule all di nations wit iron staff. And Baba-God carry her pikin go up to hin king-chair.

6. Di woman run go inside desert, to one place wey Baba-God don arrange make dem feed her for 1,260 days.

7. War con dey for heaven. Micheal and hin angels follow di dragon fight. Di dragon, and hin angels fight dem back.

8. But di dragon no strong reach, so dem lose dia space for heaven.

9. Dem pursue di great dragon komot—dat olden days snake wey dem dey call Devil and Satan—wey scam di whole world. Dem push am go earth—togeda wit hin angels.

10. I con hear one loud voice for heaven wey tok sey: “Now di salvation, plus di pawa, and di kingdom of awa God, and di pawa of Christ—don come. Dem don throway am go down—di pesin wey dey carry mata put for awa brodas head, wey dey carry mata put for dia head for front of awa God—for day and night.

11. Dem win am wit di blood of di Lamb, and wit di words of dia yarnings; dem no love dia life too much—sote dem con dey fear to kpeme.

12. So heaven, make belle sweet una, and una wey dey stay inside! But yawa for di pipo wey dey stay for earth, and for di big￾river, becos di devil don come down to meet una! He dey vex well-well, becos he know sey he no get time again.”

13. Wen di dragon see sey dem don push am go down to earth, he show pepper to di woman wey born di man-pikin.

14. But di woman con get two feathers of ogbonge eagle, so dat she go fit fly go di desert—to her place where dem go take care of her for three and half years—from di face of di dragon.

15. Naso di snake con dey spit water from e mouth like plenty-water—to cover di woman, and so dat di plenty-water go carry di woman.

16. But di earth epp di woman as e open e mouth—to swallow di big-water wey di dragon don spit komot from hin mouth.

17. Naso di dragon vex for di woman, con go start war wit di rest of her pikin—those wey dey obey Baba-God commandment, and wey hold di words of Jesus Christ.


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