Revelation Chapter 13

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Di Beast [wild animal]Wey Komot From Di Water

1. I stand for di beach. And I con see di beast [wild animal] dey rise up from di big￾river. He get seven heads, plus ten horns, wit ten crowns for hin horns, and e get name wey dey bad-mouth Baba-God for all hin head.

2. Di beast [wild animal] wey I see resemble leopard, but e leg con be like bear leg, and e mouth be like lion mouth. Di dragon give di beast [wild animal] hin strength and hin king-chair, plus ogbonge pawa.

3. I see sey one of di head of di beast [wild animal]—as if e bin get serious wound, but di serious wound don heal. Di whole world surprise, con dey follow di beast [wild animal].

4. Men worship di dragon wey don give di beast [wild animal] pawa, dem worship di beast—and dem con dey tok sey, “Who fit be like di beast [wild animal]? Who fit fight war against am?”

5. Dem allow di beast [wild animal] to tok plenty ogbonge tins, and to bad-mouth Baba-God, and to show e pawa for forty-two months.

6. He open hin mouth to bad-mouth Baba-God, and to bad- mouth hin name, and where he dey stay, and those pipo wey dey live for heaven.

7. Dem give am pawa to fight war against God-pipo, and to conquer dem. And dem give am pawa to control everi tribe, pipo, language and nation.

8. Everi-pesin wey dey stay for earth go worship di beast [wild animal] —any-pesin wey dem no write hin name for di Book of Life—wey belong to di Lamb wey dem kill from di beginning of di world.

9. Any-pesin wey get ears, make e hear.

10. Pesin wey go go prison—go-go prison, and pesin wey go die by sword—go die by di sword. Nahin be sey make God-pipo dey patient, and get faith.

Di Beast [wild animal] Wey Come Out From Di Earth

11. I con see anoda beast [wild animal] wey dey come out from di earth. E get two horn like lamb, but e con dey tok like dragon.

12. He use all di pawa wey di first beast [wild animal] give am to use for am, and he con make all di pipo wey dey stay for earth worship di first beast [wild animal] wey get wound wey don heal.

13. And e perform ogbonge miracles, sote e even make faya come down from heaven to earth—make men see.

14. Becos of di miracles wey di beast [wild animal] let am do for hin front, e scam di pipo wey dey stay for di earth. He sey make dem make image to honour di beast [wild animal] wey bin wound wit sword—but wey still dey alive.

15. E con get pawa to give life to di image of di beast [wild animal], sote e con dey tok, and make dem kill all di pipo wey no gree worship di image.

16. E use gra-gra for everi-pesin—small or great, rich or poor, free and slave, to collect mark for dia right hand, or on dia forehead,

17. so dat no-pesin fit buy or sell—unless e get di mark, wey be di name of di beast, or di numba of hin name.

18. Dis one mean sey make everi-pesin use wisdom. Make any-pesin wey fit understand calculate di numba of di beast, na di numba of man. Hin numba na 666.


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