Revelation Chapter 14

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Di Lamb and Di 144,000

1. Naso I look, I con see di Lamb—dey stand for Mount Zion, and wit di 144,000 pipo wey dem write hin Papa name for dia forehead.

2. I con hear one sound from heaven like di noise of plenty water, and like serious thunder. Di sound wey I hear be like sound of pipo wey dey play harp—pipo wey dey play strings.

3. Dem sing new song for front of di king-chair, and for front of di four living tins, and di senior- men. No-pesin fit learn di song except di 144,000 pipo wey don dey saved from di earth.

4. Dis na di pipo wey neva spoil demsef wit woman. Dem be virgins. Na dem dey follow di Lamb anywhere he dey go. Na dem dey saved from among men, dem be di firstfruit to Baba-God and di Lamb.

5. Lie no dey for dia mouth; and dem no get error for front of Baba-God king-chair.

Di Three Angels

6. Naso I see anoda angel dey fly for sky, and he carry Baba-God everlasting word—to tell di pipo wey dey stay for earth—to everi nation, tribe, language plus pipo.

7. He con tok wit loud voice sey, “Fear Baba-God, and make una give am glory, becos di hour of hin judgement don show. Worship am wey make di heavens and di earth, di big-river plus di water wey dey flow.”

8. Anoda angel wey follow am, con tok sey, “Babylon don fall, e don fall, dat ogbonge city, becos she make all di nations drink inside di konk highness of her anyhow- sex.”

9. Di third angel follow dem, con tok wit loud voice sey: “If any-pesin worship di beast [wild animal] and e image, con collect e mark for hin forehead, or on top of hin hand,

10. hinsef go drink from di highness of Baba-God vex, wey he don pour wit full pawa enta di cup of hin vex. Faya wey hot well-well go show am pepper for front of di holy angels, and di Lamb.

11. And di smoke of dia suffer-suffer go rise up for ever and ever. Those pipo wey worship di beast [wild animal] and hin image, or any- pesin wey collect di mark of hin name—no go fit rest—day or night”

12. Dis one mean sey Baba-God holy-pipo must endure wit patience wen dem show dem pepper, and make dem obey Baba-God commandment, con maintain di faith of Jesus.

13. I con hear one voice from heaven wey tok sey, “Write dis tin down: Blessings for di dead wey die in Christ from now on.” Di Spirit sey, “Yes, dem go rest from dia hustle, and dia work go follow dem.”

Di Harvest of Di Earth

14. I look, naso I see white cloud for my front, and pesin wey be like “Man-pikin,” sidon for di cloud, wit crown of gold for hin head, and sharp sickle for hin hand.

15. Naso anoda angel come out from di worship-place, con halla wit loud voice to di pesin wey sidon for di cloud, “Use your sickle take harvest, becos di time to harvest don reach, di harvest of di earth don ripe.”

16. So di Pesin wey sidon for di cloud con swing hin sickle for di earth, naso he harvest di earth.

17. Anoda angel come out from di worship-place wey dey for heaven, hinsef carry sharp sickle.

18. Anoda angel wey get pawa to control faya—show from di altar, con halla wit loud voice to di pesin wey carry di sharp sickle, “Use your sharp sickle take gada di bunch of di grapes of di earth, becos her grapes don ripe well- well.”

19. Di angel swing hin sickle for di earth, he gada di grapes of di earth, con put dem for di ogbonge wine-factory of Baba-God vex.

20. Dem march di grapes for di wine-factory wey dey outside di city, and blood flow from di wine- factory, wey form stream wey high reach horse head, and long reach 180 miles.


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