Revelation Chapter 15

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Seven Angels Wit Seven Disease

1. I see anoda elele sign for heaven wey surprise me: Seven angels wit seven last diseases—last, becos na dem complete di vex wey Baba-God dey vex.

2. I con see sometin wey be like big-river of glass wey dem mix wit faya, and those pipo wey don succeed against di beast [wild animal] and hin image, and wey succeed over di numba of hin name—con stand on di big-river of glass. Dem carry harp [music instrument] wey Baba-God give dem.

3. And dem con dey sing di song of Moses—di servant of Baba-God, and di song of di Lamb: “Oga Baba-God Almighty, your works na ogbonge and elele. Your ways dey right and true, Oh King of all hin pipo.

4. Oh Oga, who no go fear you, con cut-cap for your name? Na only you dey holy. All nations go come worship you, becos your judgement don show-face.”

5. Afta dis tins, I look, and for heaven, I con see inside di worship-place of di Tent of Baba-God agreement, and e open.

6. Di seven angels wit di seven disease come out from di worship-place. Dem dress wit white and shining linen, con wear golden cloth round dia chest.

7. Naso one of di four living tins give di seven angels—seven golden bowls wey full wit di vex of Baba-God—wey dey live for ever and ever.

8. Naso smoke from di levels and pawa of Baba-God—con full di worship-place, and no- pesin fit enta di worship-place until di seven diseases of di seven angels don finish.


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