Revelation Chapter 16

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Di Seven Bowls of Baba-God Vex

1. I con hear one loud voice from di worship-place—dey tell di seven angels sey, “Go pour di seven bowls of Baba-God vex for earth.”

2. Di first angel go, con pour hin bowl come out for di earth, evil wound wey dey pain well-well con show-face for di pipo wey get di mark of di beast [wild animal], and wey worship e image.

3. Di second angel pour hin bowl for di big-river, e con turn to blood like dead man blood, and everi living tin for inside di big-river con kpeme.

4. Di third angel pour hin bowl for di rivers plus di water wey dey flow from ground, and dem turn to blood.

5. I con hear di angel wey dey control all di water—tok sey: “You dey good, Oh Oga—you wey dey, and wey don dey, and wey go still dey, becos you don judge like dis,

6. becos dem don shed di blood of your holy-pipo plus prophets, and you don give dem blood to drink as dem suppose drink.”

7. I con hear one voice from di altar wey tok sey: “Yes, Oga God Almighty, your judgement dey true and right.”

8. So di fourth angel pour hin bowl for di sun, and di sun con get pawa to burn pipo wit faya.

9. Naso di serious heat burn dem, and dem curse Baba-God name, wey dey control all those disease and pain, but dem no gree repent from dia sins and cut- cap for am.

10. Di fifth angel pour hin bowl for di king-chair of di beast [wild animal], and hin kingdom con turn to darkness. Hin followers bite dia tongue wit pain,

11. con curse Baba-God of heaven, becos of dia pains and dia wound, but dem no gree repent from wetin dem don do, and follow Baba-God.

12. Di sixth angel pour hin bowl for di great river Euphrates, and di water con dry—to clear road for di kings of di east to march dia army go di west.

13. I con see three evil spirits wey be like frogs; dem come out from di dragon mouth, from di mouth of di beast [wild animal], and from di mouth of fake prophets.

14. Dem be spirits of demons wey dey perform miracles, and dem go out to meet all di rulers of di whole world, to gada dem for di fight—on di great day of Baba-God Almighty.

15. “See, I go come wen una no expect me—like tiff! Blessings for di pesin wey dey watch, wey keep dia cloth ready, so dat e no go waka naked wit shame.”

16. Naso di bad-spirit gada di kings togeda, for one place wey dem dey call Armageddon for Hebrew.

17. Di seventh angel pour hin bowl for air, and one loud voice con halla from di worship-place, and from di king-chair, “Okpari!”

18. Thunder con dey, wit heavy sound, lightning, plus serious earthquake. Big and serious earthquake like dis—neva happun since man dey for earth.

19. Di great city of Babylon tear into three parts, and di cities of di nations kpafuka. Baba-God remember di ogbonge Babylon, con give her di cup wey pour-throway wit di highness of hin serious vex.

20. Everi island jakpa, and dem no see di mountains again.

21. Heavy ice-stone wey heavy reach about 34 kg—con dey fall from sky on top men. And dem curse Baba-God becos di yawa bad well-well.


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