Revelation Chapter 17

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Di Woman Wey Dey On Di Beast [wild animal]

1. One of di seven angels wey pour di seven bowls—come meet me, con tok sey, “Come, I go show you di punishment of di ogbonge ashawo—wey sidon on top plenty water.

2. Di kings of di earth sleep wit her, and di pipo wey dey live for earth—jogodo wit di ogogoro of her konji [kerewa].”

3. So di angel carry me inside di Spirit—enta one desert. For there I see one woman sidon for one bright red beast [wild animal] wey brekete wit many names—wey dey bad-mouth Baba-God, and e get seven heads, plus seven horns.

4. Di woman baffup wit purple, plus red, she wear gold, plus precious stones and jewelries. She hold one golden cup for her hand wey full wit tufiakwa, and di yeye of her ashawo.


6. I see sey di woman don jogodo wit di blood of God-pipo, and di pipo wey dem kill becos dem dey preach di truth about Jesus. Wen I see her, I surprise look her well-well.

7. Naso di angel con tell me sey: “Why you dey surprise? I go explain di deep-matas about di woman, and di beast [wild animal] wey she dey ride—wey get di seven heads, plus ten horns.

8. Di beast [wild animal] wey you bin see, bin dey alive, but e no dey alive again. And e go komot from di deep-pit, con go kpeme forever. Di pipo wey dey stay for earth go surprise—di pipo wey dem no write dia name inside di Book of Life before di starting of di world, wen dem see di beast [wild animal] wey bin kpeme—con show-face again.

9. “Dis one mean sey make we use awa understanding. Di seven heads na seven mountains wey di woman dey sidon put. E still represent seven kings.

10. Five out of di seven kings don fall, di sixth one dey reign now, di oda one neva come; but wen he show, he go reign small.

11. Di beast [wild animal] wey bin dey, but now e no dey again, na di eighth king sef. He be like di oda seven, and hinsef go kpeme.

12. “Di ten horns wey you see—na ten kings wey neva rise to pawa. Dem go receive pawa for one hour—as king wit di beast [wild animal].

13. All of dem get one mind, and dem go give dia pawa, plus strength to di beast [wild animal].

14. Togeda, dem go fight war against di Lamb, but di Lamb go win dem—becos na di Oga of Oga, and Eze of Eze—and hin faithful followers wey he don choose go dey wit am.”

15. Naso di angel con tell me sey, “Di water wey you see, where di ashawo sidon, na different pipo, plenty-pipo, from everi nation, plus languages.

16. And di ten horns wey you see for di beast [wild animal] —go hate di ashawo. Dem go fashi her, con leave her naked; dem go chop her flesh, con burn her wit faya.

17. Baba-God don put plan for dia mind to do wetin he want, make dem get one mind, and give dia kingdom to di beast [wild animal], until Baba-God word don come to pass.

18. Di madam wey you see for di vision—na di great city wey dey rule over di kings of di earth.”


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