Revelation Chapter 18

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As Babylon Take Fall

1. Afta dis, I see anoda angel dey come down from heaven. He get ogbonge pawa, and hin levels con make light shine on di earth.

2. He con shout wit loud voice: “E don fall! Di great Babylon don fall yakata! She don turn to di house of bad-spirit and joint where everi evil spirit dey stay, na prison for everi bad spirit, and cage for everi wor-wor bird wey no-clean.

3. All di nations don drink di konk highness of her anyhow- sex. Di kings of di earth don sleep wit her, and di market-pipo of di earth don make moni becos of her love for tins wey cost well-well.”

4. I con hear anoda voice from heaven wey tok sey: “Komot from inside her my pipo, so dat una no go share inside her sins, con receive her disease and pains.

5. Her sins don plenty reach heaven, and Baba-God don remember her sins.

6. Do her back wetin she don do. Pay her back double of wetin she don do. Make her drink times two of di drink wey she mix for pipo.

7. Give her plenty yawa and pain—like di levels and expensive tins wey she give hersef. For her heart, she dey make-mouth sey, ‘I dey sidon as queen; I no be widow, and I no go ever cry.’

8. One day her disease and pains go cover her: death, cry-cry, hunger, and faya go burn her kpatakpata. Baba-God, di Oga wey dey judge her, strong kakaraka.

9. “Wen di kings of di earth wey sleep wit her, con share inside her expensive tins, see di smoke wey dey burn her, dem go cry, con feel sad for her.

10. As dem dey fear di yawa wey don gas for her head, dem go stand for far—dey cry, con tok sey “Las-las! Las-las, dat great city of Babylon, dat ogbonge city! Na one hour your judgement take show!’

11. “Di market-pipo of dis world go cry, con feel sad for her—becos no-pesin dey buy dia market again—

12. market of gold and silver, precious stones and pearls; fine linen plus purple, silk and bright red cloth; everi kain fine wood, bronze, iron and marble;

13. and cinnamon and spice, incense, myrrh and frankincense, shayo plus olive oil, fine flour and wheat; malu and sheep; horses and horse-moto; and slaves, plus souls of men.

14. “Dem go tok sey, ‘Di sweet tins wey una love well-well don komot from una. All una moni plus fine-fine-tins don vanish, and una no go see dem again.’

15. Di market-pipo wey sell dis tins, wey make moni from her—go stand far-far, dey fear her yawa, water go pour from dia eyes, and dem go cry.

16. And dem go cry out: “Las-las! Las-las, chai, great city wey baffup wit fine linen, purple and bright red, and wey dey shine wit gold, precious stones, plus pearls!

17. Only one hour nahin dis kain great riches take turn to notin!’“Everi captain for big-river, plus everi pesin wey dey use ship travel, sailors, plus everi￾pesin wey dey make moni from di big￾river—go stand far-far,

18. wen dem see smoke from her as she dey burn, dem go halla, ‘No city like dis ogbonge city!’

19. Dem go throw dust for dia head, wit water for dia eyes, and loud cry: “ ‘Yawa! Yawa, chai great city, where all di pipo wey get ship for big-river, and wey make moni tru her wealth! Na one hour she take kpafuka finish!

20. Oh heaven, make una happy for her mata! God-pipo plus apostles, and prophets, make una dey jolly! Baba-God don judge her becos of una.’”

21. Naso one great angel carry one stone like big grinding- stone, and he throway am enta di big-river, he con tok sey, “Naso dem go take use gra- gra throway Babylon—di great city for ground, and dem no go see am again.”

22. Dem no go ever hear dia musicians, flute players, and trumpeters again. No artist or any market-pipo go dey inside una again. Dem no go hear di sound of grinding-stone for inside you again.

23. Di light of lamp no go Halleluya!” Never shine inside una again. Dem no go hear di voice of husband and wife for inside una again. Una market-pipo nahin be di ogbonge men for di world, una use una jazz make all di nations waka miss-road.

24. Di blood of prophets and God-pipo—dey for her head, and di blood of everi-pesin wey dem don kill for di earth.”


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