Revelation Chapter 19

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1. Afta dis, I con hear wetin sound like di noise of plenty- plenty pipo for heaven—wey dey shout: “Halleluya! Salvation and glory, and pawa belong to awa God.

2. Hin judgement dey true and correct. He don punish di ogbonge ashawo wey corrupt di earth wit her konji level [kerewa]. He don revenge di blood of hin servants for her head.”

3. Dem con halla again “Halleluya! Di smoke from her dey go up for ever and ever.”

4. Di twenty-four senior- men plus di four living tins fall for ground—dey worship Baba-God wey sidon for di king-chair. And naso dem h alla : “Amen,

5. Naso one voice come from di king-chair: “Cut-cap for Baba-God—all of una wey be hin servants, una wey dey fear am, both big and small!”

6. I con hear wetin dey sound like plenty-plenty pipo, like di noise of water wey dey rush, and like loud thunder, dey shout: “Halleluya! Awa Oga God Almighty dey reign.

7. Make we jolly and happy, con give am glory! Di wedding party of di Lamb don reach, and hin wife don ready.

8. Dem give her fine linen, wey dey shine, wey clean and white—make she wear.” Di fine linen stand for—di good works of God-pipo.

9. Di angel con tell me sey, “Write dis tin: ‘Blessings for di pipo wey dem invite for di wedding party of di Lamb!’ ” And he con still tok sey, “Dis na di true words of Baba-God.”

10. Nahin I fall down to worship am. But he con tell me sey, “No do am! I be Baba-God servant like you, just like your brodas and sistas—wey hold di testimoni of Jesus. Worship Baba-God, becos di testimoni of Jesus na di spirit of prophecy.”

Di Pesin Wey Dey Ride Di White Horse

11. I see heaven open down for my front, and one white horse con show, dem dey call di Pesin wey dey ride am—Faithful and True. Wit justice na he take dey judge and fight war.

12. Hin eyes dey shine like faya, and many crowns dey for hin head. He get name wey dem write for hin body—wey no-pesin but only am know.

13. He wear cloth wey dem soak inside blood, and hin name na di word of God.

14. Di armies of heaven dey follow am, dem dey ride white horse, and dem wear fine linen—white and clean.

15. Sharp sword dey come out from hin mouth—wey he take dey nack nations fall for ground. He go rule dem wit iron staff. He go release di full vex of Baba-God Almighty, like juice wey dey flow from wine-factory.

16. For hin cloth and for hin lap, dem write hin name put: KING OF KINGS AND OGA- KPATAKPATA

17. I con see one angel wey dey stand inside di sun, wey halla wit loud voice to all di vultures wey dey fly for sky, “Bia, gada togeda for di ogbonge evening- food wey Baba-God don arrange.

18. Come chop di flesh of di kings, generals, plus great fighters, and horses plus dia riders, and di flesh of all pipo, free and slave, small and great.”

19. I con see di beast [wild animal] and di kings of di earth, and dia armies dey gada togeda to fight di rider on top of di horse and hin army.

20. But dem catch di beast [wild animal] and di fake prophet-wey don perform big miracle for am. Miracles wey scam di pipo wey collect di mark of di beast [wild animal], and wey worship hin image. Dem throw both di beast [wild animal] and di fake prophet—alive inside hot river of faya.

21. Di rest of dem die by di sword wey come out of di mouth of di rider of di horse, and all di birds chop belleful wit dia flesh.


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