Revelation Chapter 20

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Di Thousand Years

1. I con see one angel dey come down from heaven, he carry di key of di deep-pit, and he hold one heavy chain for hin hand.

2. He catch di dragon, dat olden days snake—wey be di Devil, and Satan, con tie am for one thousand years.

3. Di angel throway am for inside deep-pit, he close am, con lock am—so dat Satan no go play di nations wayo again, until di one thousand years don finish. Afta dat, dem go free am small.

4. I con see king-chair wey pipo wey dem don give pawa to judge—sidon put, and I see di souls of those pipo wey dem cut dia head becos dem tok about Jesus, and becos of Baba-God word. Dem no gree worship di beast [wild animal] or hin image, and dem no gree collect di mark for dia forehead or dia hand. Dem come back to life, and dem rule wit Christ for one thousand years.

5. Dis na di first resurrection. [Di rest of di dead no come back to life until di one thousand years finish.]

6. Blessed and holy nahin be those pipo wey get part for di first resurrection. Di second death no get any pawa to control dem. But dem go be priests of God, and of Christ, and dem go rule wit am for one thousand years.

Satan Yawa

7. Wen di one thousand years don finish, dem go release Satan from prison,

8. and he go go out to play di nations wayo—wey dem dey call Gog and Magog, for di four corners of di earth. He go gada dem togeda for fight, and dia numbas plenty like sand-sand for beach.

9. Dem march cross from one side of di earth to di oda side, con surround di camp of Baba-God pipo, di city wey he love. But faya come down from heaven con burn dem.

10. And dem throw di devil wey play dem wayo inside river of faya, where dem throw di beast [wild animal] and di fake prophet put. Dem go show dem pepper—day and night, for ever and ever.

Dem Judge Di Dead

11. Naso I see one ogbonge white king-chair, plus di Pesin wey sidon put. Earth and sky run komot from hin front, and dem no see place hide put.

12. I con see di dead, great and small-dey stand for front of Baba-God king-chair, and dem open di books. Dem open di Book of Life. Dem judge di dead based-on wetin dem don do-as di books record am.

13. Di big-river vomit di dead wey dey inside am, death and grave throway di dead wey dey inside dem, and dem judge everi-pesin based-on wetin dem don do.

14. Naso dem throw death and grave inside river of faya. Di river of faya na di second death.

15. Any-pesin wey dem no write hin name for inside di Book of Life—dem throway am put inside di river of faya.


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