Revelation Chapter 21

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Di New Jerusalem

1. I con see new heaven plus new earth, and di old heaven plus di old earth don pass go, and di big-river no dey again.

2. I see di Holy city, di new Jerusalem dey come down from heaven, from Baba-God, dem prepare am like woman wey wan marry—wey dem dress well-well for her husband.

3. I con hear one loud voice from di king-chair wey tok sey, “Now Baba-God don dey stay among hin pipo, he go live wit dem. Dem go be hin pipo, and Baba-God hinsef go dey wit dem, con be dia God.

4. Baba-God go wipe everi water komot from dia eyes. Death no go dey again, or cry-cry or pain—becos old way of tins don pass komot.”

5. Di Pesin wey sidon for di king-chair con tok sey, “I dey make everitin new!” He con tok sey, “Write dis tin down, you fit trust dis words, and e dey true.”

6. He still tell me sey: “Okpari! Na me be di Alpha and Omega, di starting and di finishing. Any-pesin wey water dey hungry, I go give am drink as sara, from di water of life wey dey flow.

7. Everi-pesin wey succeed—go inherit all dis blessing, and I go be dia God, and dem go be my pikin.

8. But pipo wey dey fear, unbelievers, corrupt pipo, killers, pipo wey dey sex anyhow, pipo wey be witch [kpians], pipo wey dey worship idol, plus everi-pesin wey dey tok lie—dia place go dey for hot river wey dey burn wit faya plus sulfur. Dis na di second death.”

9. So one of di seven angels wey carry di seven bowls wey full wit di seven last diseases, con tell me sey, “Come, I go show you di woman wey wan marry, di Lamb wife.”

10. He con carry me for spirit—go one ogbonge high mountain, he con show me di holy city—Jerusalem, as e dey come down from heaven, from Baba-God.

11. E dey shine wit di levels of Baba-God, and e dey shine like jewel wey precious well-well, like jasper, and clear as crystal.

12. E get big high wall wit twelve gates, and wit twelve amethyst. angels for di gates. For di gates, dem write di names of di twelve tribes of Israel.

13. Na three gates dey for di east, three for di north, three for di south and three for di west.

14. Di wall of di city get twelve foundation stones, and on top of dem—dem write di names of di twelve apostles of di Lamb.

15. Di angels wey follow me tok—get ruler of gold—to measure di city, e gate, and e wall.

16. Di city be like square, e high as e take wide. He measure di city wit di ruler, con see sey na 2,400 kilometers high, and 2,400 kilometers wide.

17. Di angel measure di wall wit human measurement, and na 216 feet high.

18. Dem make di wall wit jasper, and dem make di city wit pure gold, wey pure like glass.

19. Dem design di foundations of di city wall wit everi kain precious stone. Di first foundation na Jasper, di second na sapphire, di third na chalcedony, di fourth emerald,

20. di fifth sardonyx, di sixth sardius, di seventh chrysolyte, di eight beryl, di ninth topaz, di tenth chrysoprasus, di eleventh jacinth, and di twelfth na amethyst.

21. Di twelve gates na twelve pearls, dem make everi one of di gate wit single pearl. Di great street of di city na pure gold, like clear glass.

22. I no see any worship-place for di city, becos Oga God Almighty and hin lamb na di worship-place.

23. Di city no need sun or moon to shine put, Baba-God levels dey give am light, and di Lamb na e lamp.

24. Di nations go use e light see road, and di obas of di earth go carry dia beta-beta-tins enta am.

25. No day wey dem go ever close di gate of di city, night no go dey for there.

26. Dem go carry di levels and honour of di nations enta am.

27. Anytin wey no pure, no go ever enta di city, or any-pesin wey do wetin dey bring shame, or wey be 419, but only those pipo wey dem write dia name for di Book of Life of di Lamb.


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