Revelation Chapter 22

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Di River Of Life

1. Naso di angel show me di pure river of di water of life, e clear like crystal, e dey flow from Baba-God, and king-chair of di Lamb.

2. E dey flow go di middle of di great street of di city. Di tree of life stand for di sides of di river, e dey produce twelve different fruits, e dey bring fresh fruit everi month, and di leave of di tree na medicine for di healing of di nations.

3. Curse no go dey again. Baba-God king-chair plus di king-chair of di Lamb go dey for di city, and hin servants go serve am.

4. Dem go see hin face, and hin name go dey for dia forehead.

5. Night no go dey again. Dem no go need di light of lamp, or di light of di sun. Baba-God go shine on dem, and dem go reign for ever and ever.

6. Di angel con tell me sey, “You fit trust dis yarnings and dem dey true. Oga God wey dey inspire hin prophets, don send hin angel to show hin servants di tins wey must soon happun.” Jesus Dey Come

7. “ I go soon come! Blessings for di pesin wey keep di words of di prophecy for inside dis book.”

8. Me, John—na me be di pesin wey hear—con see all dis tins. And wen I hear and see dem, I kneel down, con worship di angel wey dey show dem to me.

9. But he tell me sey, “No do am, I be Baba-God servant like you, just like your brodas—di prophets, and everi-pesin wey keep di words of dis book. Worship Baba-God!”

10. He con tell me sey, “No keep di yarnings of di prophecy of dis book as secret, becos di time don reach.

11. Make pesin wey dey do wrong tin—kontinu to dey do wrong tin; make pesin wey dey do evil— kontinu to dey do evil; make pesin wey dey do di right tin—kontinu to dey do right tins; and make pesin wey holy—kontinu to dey holy.”

12. “I go soon come! My payment dey wit me, and I go give everi-pesin based-on wetin dem don do.

13. Na me be di Alpha and Omega, di First and di Last, di Starting and di Finishing.

14. “Blessings for those pipo wey wash dia cloth—con keep di commandment, so dat dem go get di right to enta tru di gate of di city, con chop di fruit from di tree of life.

15. Di dogs and [kpians] dey outside di city, plus pipo wey dey sex anyhow, killers, pipo wey dey worship idol, plus everi-pesin wey love lie—and wey dey live fake life.

16. “Me, Jesus, I don send my angel to give you dis message for di churches. Na me be di root and di pikin-pikin-pikin of David. Na me be di Bright and morning star.”

17. Di Spirit and di woman wey wan marry sey, “Come!” And make pesin wey hear—tok sey, “Come!” Any-pesin wey wan drink water—make e come; and any-pesin wey like, make e take di oshofree gift of di water of life.

18. I dey warn everi-pesin wey dey hear di words of di prophecy of dis book: If any-pesin add anytin join, Baba-God go give am di serious gbege wey dem write for inside dis book.

19. And if any-pesin komot any word from dis book of prophecy, Baba-God go komot hin share from di tree of life, and inside di holy city, wey dem describe for dis book.

20. Di pesin wey be di faithful witness to dis tins—tok sey, “Yes, I go soon come.” Amen. Come, Oga Jesus.

21. Make di grace of Oga Jesus Christ—dey wit all of una. Iseee.


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