Revelation Chapter 3

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To Di Church Wey Dey Sardis

1. “Write dis letter to di angel of di church wey dey for Sardis: Dis na di message di One wey hold di seven Spirits of Baba-God, and di seven stars. I know una work; una get beta name sey una dey alive, but una don kpeme.

2. Wake up! Ginger wetin remain wey wan kpeme, I see sey una works neva dey perfect for Baba-God eyes.

3. So, remember wetin una don receive, and wetin una don hear, hollam tight, and make una repent. But if una no gree wake up, I go come like tiff, and una no go know di time wen I go show.

4. But una get some pipo for Sardis wey neva stain dia cloth. Dem go baffup wit white, con waka wit me, becos dem don try.

5. Any-pesin wey succeed, go dress up wit white—like dem. I no go ever komot dia name from di book of life, but I go halla dia name for front of my Papa, and hin angels.

6. Any-pesin wey get ear, make e hear wetin di Spirit dey follow di churches dey tok.

To Di Church Wey Dey For Philadelphia

7. “Write dis letter to di angel of di church wey dey for Philadelphia: Dis na di message of am—wey holy and true, wey hold di key of David. No-pesin fit close wetin he don open, and no-pesin fit open wetin he close.

8. I know una hustle. See, I don open door for una, wey no- pesin fit close. I know sey una get small pawa, but una don keep my word, and una neva fashi my name.

9. I go make those pipo wey belong to di church of Satan, wey claim sey dem be Jews, but dem no be Jews, but dem be lie-lie. I go make dem con bow down for una leg. Dem go tok sey na una I love.

10. Since una don keep my command to endure wit patience, I go protect una sef from di hour of temptation wey go show-face for di whole world, to test those pipo wey dey live for di earth.

11. I go soon come. Hold wetin you get tight, so dat no-pesin go take your crown.

12. Any-pesin wey succeed—I go turn am to pillar for di worship-place of my God. And dem no go ever komot from am again. I go write di name of my God on dem, and di name of di city of my God, di new Jerusalem wey dey come down from heaven, from my God; and I go write my new name on dem.

13. Any-pesin wey get ears, make e hear wetin di Spirit dey tell di churches.

To Di Church Wey Dey Laodicea

14. “Write dis letter to di angel of di church wey dey Laodicea: Na dis be di message from di One wey be di AMEN, di faithful and true witness, di beginning of everitin wey Baba-God make.

15. I know una works, una no cold, and una no hot. I wish sey una either dey cold, or dey hot!

16. So, becos una dey warm—una no hot, and una no cold; I go spit una komot from my mouth.

17. Becos you tok sey, ‘I dey rich; I get everitin, and I no need anytin.’ But you no notice sey you dey sad, and you poor, you no fit see road, and you dey naked.

18. So I dey advice you to buy gold from me—wey dem don shine inside faya, so dat you go dey rich. And buy white cloth from me, so dat you go fit cover di shame of your nakedness, and rub wey you go put for your eyes—so dat you go fit see.

19. I dey correct and discipline those pipo wey I love. So make una serious, and repent.

20. See! I dey stand for doormot—dey knock, if any-pesin hear my voice, con open di door, I go enta inside—I go chop wit am, and he go chop wit me.

21. Any-pesin wey succeed, I go give am di right to sidon wit me for my king-chair, just as I take succeed, con sidon wit my Papa for hin king-chair.

22. Any-pesin wey get ear, make e listen to wetin di Spirit dey follow di churches tok.”


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