Revelation Chapter 4

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Di King-chair For Heaven

1. Afta dis, I look, I con see one door for my front wey open for heaven. And di voice wey I first hear dey tok wit me like trumpet, “Come up come here, and I go show you wetin must soon happun afta dis.”

2. Naso I just enta inside di Spirit, I con see one king-chair for heaven wit pesin wey sidon put.

3. And di pesin wey sidon on top—fine like jasper and carnelian. One rainbow wey resemble emerald, con round di king-chair.

4. Twenty-four oda king-chair surround di king-chair, and twenty-four senior-men sidon put. Dem wear white, and dem get crown of gold for dia head.

5. Lightning con dey flash from di king-chair, and heavy sound, plus serious thunder. Seven lamps dey burn for front of di king-chair. Dis na di seven Spirits of Baba-God.

6. For front of di king-chair, e get sometin wey be like big-river of glass, e clear like crystal. For di middle, and round di king-chair, four living tins [beasts] dey for there, and na eyes burku dia body, for front and back.

7. Di first living tin [beasts] be like lion, di second one be like malu, di third one get man face, di fourth living tin [beast] be like eagle wey dey fly.

8. Everi one of di four living tins [beasts] get six feathers, and eyes cover all dia body. Day and night dem no stop to dey halla: “Holy, holy, holy na Baba-God Almighty, wey don dey, and wey dey, and wey dey come.”

9. Any time wey di living tins [beasts] give glory, honour and tanks to Am—wey sidon for di king-chair and wey dey live for ever and ever,

10. di twenty-four senior-men bow down for front of di Pesin wey sidon for di king-chair, con worship di Pesin wey dey live for ever and ever. Dem drop dia crown for front of hin king-chair con tok sey:

11. “You get level, awa Oga and God, to receive levels, and respect, plus pawa, becos na you make everitin, and dem dey exist by your will, and na by your will you take make dem.”


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