Revelation Chapter 5

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Di Book And Di Lamb

1. I con see one book for di right hand of di Pesin wey sidon for di king-chair. Dem write for di two side, and dem seal am wit seven seals.

2. Naso I see one strong angel dey tok wit loud voice, “Who get levels reach—to break di seals and open di book?”

3. But no-pesin for heaven or for earth, or for under di earth fit open di book, or read am, or even to look am.

4. I cry well-well becos no- pesin get level reach—to open di book, or read am, or even to look am.

5. Naso one of di senior- men con tell me sey, “No dey cry! See, di Lion of di tribe of Judea, di Root of David, don win—to open di book and loose di seven seals.”

6. I con see one Lamb, wey be like sey dem don kill—dey stand for di middle of di king-chair, and di four living tins [beasts], and among di twenty-four senior-men sef. He get seven horns plus seven eyes, wey be di seven Spirits of Baba-God—wey he send out go all di earth.

7. He come, con carry di book from di right hand of di Pesin wey sidon for di king-chair.

8. And wen he don carry di book, di four living tins [beasts], plus di twenty-four senior-men fall for ground for front of di Lamb. Everi one of dem get harp [musical instrument], and dem carry golden bowls wey full wit incense, wey be di prayers of holy-pipo.

9. Dem con dey sing new song: “You get levels to carry di book and to open e seals, becos dem kill you, and you use your blood take buy men for Baba-God, from everi tribe and language, plus pipo and nation.

10. You don make us to be kings and priests, to serve awa God, and we go reign for earth.”

11. So I look again, and hear di voice of plenty angels round di king-chair, di living tins [beasts], plus di senior-men—wey plenty reach ten thousands times ten thousands, and thousands upon thousands,

12. Dem con dey sing wit loud voice: “Di Lamb wey dem kill get levels, to receive pawa and riches, plus wisdom and strength, and honour, plus levels, and praise!”

13. Naso I hear everi living tin for heaven and for earth, under di earth, and for di big-river, and everitin wey dey inside dem—dey sing: “Blessings and honour, plus glory and pawa, to di One wey sidon for di king-chair—and to di Lamb for ever and ever!.”

14. Naso di four living tins tok sey, “Iseee,” and di senior-men con fall for ground—dey worship di Pesin wey dey live for ever and ever.


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