Revelation Chapter 6

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Di Seals

1. I watch as di Lamb open di first of di seven seals. I con hear one of di four living tins [beasts] dey tok wit voice like thunder, “Come see!”

2. I look, and for my front, I con see one white horse! Di pesin wey dey ride am hold bow, dem give am crown, and he con ride go—to conquer, and gain grounds.

3. Wen di Lamb open di second seal, I con hear di second living tin [beast] tok sey, “Come see!”

4. Naso anoda horse wey red, con show-face. Dem give di pesin wey dey ride am pawa to carry peace komot from di earth, and to make men kill each oda, and dem give am one ogbonge sword.

5. Wen di Lamb open di third seal, I hear di third living tin [beast] tok sey, “Come!” I look, and I con see one black horse for my front! Di pesin wey dey ride am carry two scales for hin hand.

6. I con hear one voice from among di living tins [beasts, wey tok sey, “One litre of wheat na one day pay, and three litres of barley na one day pay. And no wound di ororo and wine.

7. Wen di Lamb open di fourth seal, I hear di voice of di fourth living tin [beast] tok sey, “Come see!”

8. I look, and for my front I con see one horse wit pale colour! Di name of di pesin wey dey ride am na Death, and hin padi—hell, dey follow am for back. Dem give dem pawa to kill quater of di earth, wit sword, hunger, plus death, and wild animals.

9. Wen he open di fifth seal, I see for under di altar, di souls of those pipo wey dem don kill becos of di word of Baba-God, and di testimoni wey dem maintain. 10. Dem halla wit loud voice, “Oga-kpatakpata wey dey holy and true, how long e go take you to judge di pipo wey dey live for earth, con revenge for awa blood?”

11. Naso dem give all of dem white cloth, and dem tell pipo make dem chill small, until di numba of dia fellow servants and brodas—wey go kpeme for di good news, don complete.

12. I look as he open di sixth seal. Heavy earthquake con dey. Di sun con black like sackcloth of hair, di moon con red like blood.

13. Di stars wey dey for sky fall for earth—like fruit wey neva ripe wey dey drop from tree wen heavy-breeze shake am.

14. Di sky fold enta like book wey dem close, and everi mountain and island move komot from dia position.

15. Di obas of di earth and di great men, di bigmen, di generals, di jagabans, plus everi slave, and everi free man—hide for inside rocks, and among di rocks of di mountain.

16. Dem cry to di mountains and di rocks, “Fall on top of us—make you hide us from di face of di Pesin wey sidon for di king-chair, and from di Lamb wey dey vex!

17. Di great day of dia vex don reach, and who fit stand?”


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