Revelation Chapter 8

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Di Seven Seals and Di Golden Incense-container

1. Wen he open di seventh seal, heaven con dey silent for about thirty minutes.

2. I con see seven angels wey stand for Baba-God front, and he give dem seven trumpets.

3. Anoda angel, wey get golden incense-container con stand for di altar. Dem give am plenty incense to give am wit di prayers of all God-pipo—for di golden altar—wey dey for front of di king-chair.

4. Di smoke of di incense, togeda wit di prayers of holy- pipo—go up go meet Baba-God from di angel hand.

5. Naso di angel carry di incense-container, he full am wit faya from di altar, con throway am to di earth; serious thunder con show, wit deep sounds, lightning, plus earthquake.

Di Trumpets

6. Naso di seven angels wey get di seven trumpets con dey prepare to blow dia sound.

7. Di first angel blow hin trumpet, ice-stone plus faya wey mix wit blood nahin dem throway for earth. One third of di earth con burn, one third of di trees sef burn, and all di green grass burn finish.

8. Di second angel con blow hin trumpet, and sometin wey be like big mountain, wey dey burn—con fall inside di big-river. One third of di sun turn to blood.

9. One third of di living tins for inside di big-river con die, and one third of di ship kpafuka.

10. Di third angel blow hin trumpet, and one ogbonge star wey dey burn like torch, fall from sky on top one third of di rivers, and for di water wey dey flow—

11. di name of dat star na Wormwood. One third of di water con bitter, and plenty pipo die from di water, becos e con bitter.

12. Di fourth angel blow hin trumpet, sometin con nack one third of di sun, one third of di moon, and one third of di stars, so dat one third of dem con dark. One third of di day no get light, and one third of di night sef no get light.

13. As I dey watch, I con hear one angel wey dey fly for middle of di sky, e con dey halla wit loud voice: “Yawa don gas! Yawa don gas! Yawa for di pipo wey dey live for earth, becos of di sound of di trumpet wey di oda three angels wan blow!”


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