Revelation Chapter 9

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1. Naso di fifth angel blow hin trumpet, I con see one star wey dey fall from di sky enta earth. Dem give di star di key of di deep- pit.

2. Wen he open di deep-pit, smoke raise from am—like di smoke from heavy faya. Di smoke from di deep-pit con make di sun and di sky dark.

3. And locust enta di earth from di smoke, and dem get pawa like scorpions wey dey for earth.

4. Dem tell dem make dem no wound di grass of di earth, or any plant or tree, but only those pipo wey no get Baba-God mark for dia forehead.

5. Dem no give dem pawa to kill di pipo, but only to show dem pepper for five months. And di pain wey dem suffer be like wen scorpion bite pesin.

6. For those days, men go dey fyne death, but death go fashi dem. Dem go like to kpeme, but death go jakpa.

7. And di shape of locusts be like horse wey don ready for fight. Dem wear sometin like crown of gold for dia head, and dia face be like man face.

8. Dia hair be like woman hair, and dia teeth be like lion teeth.

9. Dem wear fighting- cloth like fighting-cloth wey dem make wit iron, and di sound of dia feathers be like di noise of plenty horse, and horse-moto wey dey rush go fight.

10. Dem get tails like scorpion, dia tail dey nack pesin like scorpion, and dia tail get pawa to show pipo pepper for five months.

11. Di angel of di deep-pit nahin be dia king. Hin name for Hebrew na Abaddon, and for Greek, na Apollyon.

12. Di first yawa don gas; di second and third yawa go soon come.

13. Di sixth angel blow hin trumpet, and I con hear one voice dey halla from di four horns of di golden altar—wey dey for Baba-God front.

14. And di voice tell di sixth angel wey carry di trumpet sey, “Release di four angels wey dem tie for di great river of Euphrates.”

15. And dem release di four angels wey dem prepare for di hour, day, month, and year—to kill one third of di pipo for earth.

16. Di numba of di sojas on top of horse na two hundred million. I hear dia numbas.

17. Di horses wey I see for my vision, be like dis: Dia riders wear fighting-cloth wey red like faya, dark blue, and sulfur yellow. Di horse head resemble lion head, and faya, smoke and sulfur dey komot from dia mouth.

18. One third of di pipo for earth con kpeme, di faya, di smoke, plus di sulfur wey come out from di mouth of di plenty horse—kill dem.

19. Di pawa of di horse dey for dia mouth, and dia tail. Dia tail be like snakes—e get head wey dem dey use wound pipo.

20. Di remaining pipo wey no die from dis kasala—still no gree repent from di bad tins wey dem put hand, so dat dem no go worship bad-spirits, plus idols of gold, silver, bronze, stone and wood—idols wey no fit see, hear, or waka!

21. Dem no gree repent from dia killings, witch [kpians], anyhow- sex or dia tiff-tiff.


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