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Di Pidgin Bible (Holy Pidgin Bible) na ogbonge work wey di Holy Spirit hinsef direct. Baba-God don epp us complete dis package afta many years of serious work. We study pass twenty different-different type of English version of di Bible like, King James version, Good News Translation, NIV, NLT, New KING James, Revised Standard Version, to fit sabi di real meaning of words—even di original language wey dem use write di Bible. But no be as we take study reach nahin give us di power—na Baba-God call us for dis work, and nahin give us di reasoning.

Evensef, we don form plenty new words to fit bring out di real meaning of pidgin language. We make sure sey we use general pidgin wey everi-pesin sabi, and we add some words from different languages wey we don convert to Pidgin eg. “Chineke, Oluwa, Ubangiji, Abasi, Oghene,” plus some oda words wey common for some African languages, like: “Amin, Amem, Iseee”—wey mean Amen for English.

Pidgin dictionary sef dey inside am to epp una fit check di meaning of some kain pidgin gramma. Di words wey dey underlined na names of pipo, animals, places, and some original names. Wit dis Pidgin Bible, plenty pipo go sabi Baba-God word more-more, and we pray sey make Baba-God give una di grace to understand everitin wey we don translate.

Pidgin language dey spread sharp-sharp and everi-pesin wan learn am. Baba-God don choose to use pidgin language take spread hin message to di pipo wey really need dis understanding—for hin Kingdom.

Wit di epp of di Holy Spirit, we don try awa best to make sure sey we yarn Baba-God word as e true-true be. E be like sey na Baba-God write am wit hin own hand—so dat we go fit deliver dis message wit clean-mind and wit-out error.

We tank Baba-God for everitin wey he don use us do, and we know sey he go still use us do more works for am. We wan use dis chance take hail Jacobs Egoh wey be di main inspiration plus support for dis package, and miss Lydia Anya—production assistant wey work well for dis package. And Salem Egoh—Editor/Translator.

Make Baba-God receive all di levels. Amen.. Iseee.

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