1st Chorinthians

  • 1st Chorinthians

    1st Corinthians Chapter 15

    As Christ Take Rise Up 1. Now, brodas, I dey tell una about di good news wey I preach to una before—wey una receive, and wey una don stand put, 2. wey save una—if una keep wetin I preach to una for mind—unless una believe for notin. 3. First of all, I don give una di message wey I receive sef—sey Christ die for awa sins as di Holy-books tok, 4. dem bury am, and he raise up for di third day, as di Holy- books tok. 5. He show-face to Peter, and to di eleven disciples. 6. Afta dat, he show-face to more dan five hundred of di brodas…

  • 1st Chorinthians

    1st Corinthians Chapter 14

    Gift of Prophecy And Tongues 1. Follow di way of love, and make una wish for spiritual gifts, but I prefer sey you sabi prophesy. 2. Any-pesin wey speak in tongues—no dey follow men tok, but na Baba-God. True-true no- pesin fit overstand am; he dey tok deep-mata wit hin spirit. 3. But pesin wey prophesy, dey follow men tok—to make dem learn, to ginger dem, and to comfort dem. 4. Pesin wey dey speak in tongues—dey ginger hinsef, but pesin wey dey prophesy dey ginger di whole church. 5. I go like make all of una dey speak in tongues, but I go prefer sey una sabi prophesy. Pesin…

  • 1st Chorinthians

    1st Corinthians Chapter 13

    Love 1. If I tok wit tongues of men and angels, but I no get love, I be like bell wey dey ring, or cymbal wey dey make noise. 2. If I get di gift of prophecy, I sabi understand deep- matas, and I know everi-everi, and if I get faith wey fit move mountains, but I no get love, I be notin. 3. If I give everitin wey I get to poor pipo, and I sacrifice my body, but I no get love, wetin I gain? Notin! 4. Love na patience, love dey kind. E no dey jealous, e no dey make-mouth, e no dey carry- shoulder. 5. E…

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