• Daniel

    Daniel Chapter 12

    Di Prophecy Of Di End Time For dat time Micheal di ogbonge prince (chief angel) wey dey protect una pipo—go stand up. Time of wahala go dey, di kain wahala wey neva happun before since nations first dey—reach dat time. But for dat time, your pipo go save—everi pesin wey e name dey for di book. Plenty pipo wey don die—wey lie down for di dust of di earth—go live again; some of dem go wake up to live forever, and some of dem go wake up to live in shame and disgrace forever. Di wise pipo go shine like di light of di sky. And those pipo wey dey…

  • Daniel

    Daniel Chapter 11

            Di Kings Of Di South Plus North “For di first year of Darius di Mede, I take my stand to support and protect am.)  And now, I go tell you di truth: Three more kings go show-face for Persia, and di fourth one go rich pass di oda ones well-well. Wen he don get pawa becos of hin moni, he go ginger everi pesin against di kingdom of Greece. Naso one strong king go stnd up, wey go rule wit ogbonge pawa and he go do as he like. Afta he don show face, hin kingdom go break, and e go scata for di four breeze of heaven. Di…

  • Daniel

    Daniel Chapter 10

    Daniel Vision of One Messenger For di third year of king Cyrus wey be di king of Persia, Daniel (Belteshazzar), see one revelation. Di message na true and na about one serious war wey go happun for future. Di understanding of di message come meet am inside vision. Around dat time, me Daniel, cry for three weeks. I no chop any beta food; no meat and no wine touch my mouth; and I no use any ororo for my body, until di three weeks finish. On di twenty fouth day of di first month, as I dey stand near di corner of di great river Hiddekel ( wey be  di…

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