• Ecclesiastes

    Ecclesiastes Chapter 12

    Remember Baba-God Wey Make You—Wen You Still Young Remember Baba-God wey make you, wen you still be young, before di days of palava show-face, and di years go come wen you go tok sey, “Life no sweet again.” Remember am before di sun, moon, di light, plus di stars—start to dey dark, and di clouds of rain start to dey always dark for your sky. Remember am before your legs—wey dey carry your body—start to dey shake; and before your shoulders—di strong men—start to dey bend. Remember am before your teeth—you servants wey remain—stop to dey grind; and before your eyes—di women wey dey look from window—start to dey close.…

  • Ecclesiastes

    Ecclesiastes Chapter 11

    Cast Your Bread On Top Of Plenty Water Put your bread for plenty water, and afta many days, dem go come back to you. Invest for seven business; yes, even eight business, becos you know di kain kasala wey fit burst for dis earth. If cloud don heavy wit water, rain go fall for di earth. If tree fall face north or south. Na for where e fall face, na for there e go dey. Any farmer wey dey wait for di perfect weather—no go plant, and if he dey look di cloud—he no go harvest. As pesin no take sabi di way of spirit, or how bones take dey…

  • Ecclesiastes

    Ecclesiastes Chapter 10

        Wisdom and Mumu Fly wey don die go make bottle of perfume dey smell, naso one small mumu tin dey spoil wise man wey get levels and respect. Wise man heart dey for hin right hand; but mumu pesin heart dey for hin left hand. Even as mumu pipo dey waka for road, dem no-get-sense, and dem dey show demsef sey dem be swegbe to everi pesin. If di spirit of your oga raise up against you, no komot from your place. If you calm down, he fit forgive you. E get one evil tin wey I dey see for dis earth, na error wey rulers dey do: Dem…

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