• Isaiah

    Isaiah Chapter 66

    Heaven Na My King-chair Na wetin Baba-God tok be dis, “Di heavens na my king-chair, and di earth na stool for my leg, where di house wey una build for me? And where di place wey I fit rest put? My hand nahin make all those tins, and all those tins dey,” naso Baba-God tok. “But I go look on di pipo wey get low-key spirit, those wey dey turn from sin, and wey dey obey my word. Pesin wey kill malu—e be like sey na man he kill. Pesin wey sacrifice lamb—e be like sey na dog neck he cut komot; any pesin wey bring seed offering be like…

  • Isaiah

    Isaiah Chapter 65

    Di Goodness of Baba-God Judgement Baba-God tok sey, “I bin dey ready to ansa, but no pesin ask for epp. I bin dey ready for dem to meet me, but no pesin bin dey fyne me. So I tok sey, ‘I dey for here, na here I dey!’ to di nation wey no gree call my name. I don stretch out my hand tru-out di day to pipo wey no dey hear word, wey dey waka for way wey no good, wey dey follow dia own tinking. Pipo wey dey always make me vex for my face, wey dey do sacrifice for inside bush, and wey dey burn incense on…

  • Isaiah

    Isaiah Chapter 64

    Prayer For Epp Oh, how I wish sey you fit tear di heavens and make you come down, so dat di mountain go flow down for your front. Like wen faya wey dey melt dey burn, di faya dey make di water boil, so dat your enemies go know your name, so dat di nations go fear for your front! Wen you come down before, you do ogbonge tin wey pass wetin we bin dey expect. And chai, see as di mountains dey shake! Becos since di starting of di world, men neva hear or understand wit dia ears, and dia eyes neva see Baba-God like you, and wetin you…

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