• Leviticus,  1st Samuel

    1st Samuel Chapter 18

    David and Jonathan Turn To Padi Afta David follow Saul tok finish, Jonathan wey be Saul pikin con like David well-well. Naso Jonathan love David like hin own sef. From dat day, Saul keep David wit am, and he no gee allow am go back to hin papa house. So Jonathan make agreement wit David, becos he love am like hinsef. Jonathan komot di clothes wey he dey wear, con carry am give David along wit hin own, hin sword, hin bow, plus hin belt. Saul Con Dey Jealous David 5. Anytin wey Saul send David to do, David do am wit wisdom—sote Saul con give am high rank for…

  • Leviticus,  1st Samuel

    1st Samuel Chapter 2

    Hannah Prayer of Praise Naso Hannah pray, con tok sey: “My heart dey jolly for Baba-God; my horn don grow inside Baba-God. I dey make-mouth for bad-belle pipo, becos I dey happy sey you save me. “No pesin holy like you Baba-God; no pesin dey wey be like you; Rock no dey wey be like awa God. “Stop to dey make-mouth well-well, no let your mouth dey tok anyhow, becos Baba-God na God wey sabi, and nahin dey weigh wetin pesin dey do. “Di weapon of di fighters don break, but pipo wey dia leg bin dey fall—con dey get pawa. Those pipo wey bin chop belleful—don dey fyne work…

  • Leviticus

    Leviticus Chapter 27

    Buying Back Wetin Belong To Baba-God Naso Baba-God tell Moses sey, “Tok to di pipo of Israel, con yarn dem sey: ‘If any pesin make special promise to give [hinsef or member of hin family] to Baba-God by paying di price of dat pesin [dat mean sey di priest go collect some amount of moni from di pesin wey dey make di promise to replace di pesin wey he wan give to Baba-God], Naso dem go take set di price. Man wey be from twenty to sixty years old go be 50 silver coins, based-on di standard weight of silver for Baba-God house. And if na woman, di price na…

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