• Matthew

    Matthew Chapter 28

    Jesus Raise Up From Di Dead 1. Afta di Sabbath, for morning of di firstday of di week, Mary Magdalene and di oda Mary go look di grave. 2. Big earthquake con dey happun, Baba-God angel come down from heaven, and he waka go di grave side, he roll di stonekomot—con sidon on top. 3. He dey shine like lightning, and hin clothwhite like snow. 4. Di guards con dey fear am—sote demcon dey shake like men wey wan kpeme. 5. Di angel con tell di women sey, “Makeuna no fear, I know sey una dey fyne Jesuswey dem nail for cross. 6. He no dey for here; he don…

  • Matthew

    Matthew Chapter 27

    Judas Hang Hinsef 1. Early mor-mor, all di chief priests plus disenior-men con decide sey dem must killJesus. 2. Dem tie am, con carry am go meet Pilate, wey be di govnor. 3. Wen Judas wey betray am see sey demdon condemn Jesus, he con dey feel bad for wetin he don do. Naso he go give di senior-men p l us di chief priests—back di thirty silver coins wey dem give am. He tok sey, “I don commit sin, I don betray innocent blood.” 4. So dem con tok sey, “Wetin dat one conmean to us? Nayour head you go use carry am.” 5. So Judas throway di moni…

  • Matthew

    Matthew Chapter 26

    Di Bad Plan For Jesus 1. Wen Jesus don tok all dis tins finish, hecon tell hin disciples sey, 2. “ As una know, di Passover na two daystime—and dem go carry Man-pikin go hangfor cross.” 3. Di chief priests plus di senior-men of dipipo, gada demsef for di high priest palace,wey hin name na Caiaphas, 4. and dem plan to use style arrest Jesus,con kill am. 5. Dem tok sey, “But no be for di time of di Festival, becos di pipo fit riot.” Pesin Anoint Jesus For Bethany 6. As Jesus dey for Bethany, for one manhouse wey dem dey call Simon wey bin getleprosy, 7. one woman…

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